Tuesday, March 11, 2014

New Look 6225

Hello, hello!

I have such a huge backlog of projects to document here that some of them probably will never make it to the blog. Let me start with my latest sewing finish - yes, sewing! My mojo came back with the new year!

2014-02-20 New Look 6225

For the first time in years, I ordered a few patterns in February. With my sewing time being still very limited I feared I might never get around to using them - but I've made two of them already (on of them tree times!), and a third is under way. That is a sure sign that things are definitely getting better, time- and energy-wise.

This is New Look 6225, a very easy pattern for a loose-fitting top with raglan sleeves. It is designed for woven fabrics but I wanted something extra loose and oversized, in keeping with the current trend, so I used a knit fabric. I also lengthened the top into a very short dress/tunic to be worn with very dark tights or leggings.
I really like it - it is super comfy while being quite edgy, and I've been wearing a lot.

I hope to see you soon with pictures of more of my finished projects. For my daughter's birthday in mid-February, I sewed not one, nor two, but THREE identical pinafores - one for her, one for her favourite doll, and one for me.

In progress at the moment is a dress from a pattern by Deer and Doe, a bilingual indie designer based in France. I am sewing their Aubépine Dress. And since I am actually sewing up my new patterns, I decided to delve into the new (to me!) independent designers, and just ordered a couple of dress patterns from By Hand London. So exciting.
I'm telling you - the sewing mojo (or is it rage?) is back, and this spring I am obsessed with dresses.


Shashi Nayagam said...

Good to see you sewing again. I am sure it feels good to get your mojo and carve some sewing out of your busy schedule

Carolyn (Diary of a Sewing Fanatic) said...

I'm so thrilled that you feel like sewing again! This is a wonderful new top and I can't wait to see the pinfores. Welcome Back!

KarenP said...

Cute! Welcome back to your sewing mojo!

Hélène said...

Wow, superbe, elle te va vraiment parfaitement. Ravie de voir que l'énergie revient, c'est bon signe :-)

Von said...

It was so nice to catch up with you again!! I hope your work schedule allows you time for your creative endeavors and the time to tell us about them. :)

Jennifer said...

Love seeing your sewing projects again! You always make the simple so chic!

Margaret said...

"Sew" glad the sewing mojo is back! :) Your version of this pattern is amazing.

Lisbei said...

Hello ma chère amie !
Je suis ravie de te lire, et avec des occupations on ne peut plus agréables ! Ta tunique est vraiment très belle, c'est exactement le genre de vêtements qu'il m faudrait, en ce moment ... et j'ai hâte de voir ces fameux tabliers ou robes-tabliers, je ne sais pas exactement ce que c'est, du coup !
Si tu arrives à avoir plus de temps et d'énergie, c'est bon signe, tes nuits doivent être plus reposantes !
Plein de gros bisous à vous trois, et caresses à la minette !

Kelroc said...

Glad to see your mojo raging. Love the dress and I can't wait to see the other makes.

Tany said...

My dear friend, I'm so glad to hear some "sewing news" from you!! I relate on the shortage of time and energy; it was not easy (it still isn't) but I'm slowly getting back to sewing; not as much and as elaborate as I used to, but I will get there one day!
LOVE your dress, so much more that the pattern drawing! You've made it really trendy and special!
Many hugs to you and your lovely daughter, hope all is well with both of you!!!

Tracy said...

VERY smart is that black tunic top (love the bell sleeves)... and those books & funky necklace--WOW! LOVELY to see your fine sewing again. Im hoping to have time for trying sewing clothes again this summer. So glad you're feeling better, Isabelle! :o) ((HUGS))

LCP said...

The beads are wonderful, too!

SEWN said...

Super cute dress. I love it!