Saturday, January 14, 2012

Purple Romper AKA cutest baby knit ever? ~ Un pyjama tout doux, tout douillet

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Hello, friends!
Thank you for the good wishes following my latest post. They were much appreciated!
I've been able to work from home these past few weeks (it was that, or stopping working altogether, something that wasn't exactly possible given my position at work), and am now just a few days shy of my maternity leave - woohoo!

I have a large backlog of stuff to share, but instead of doing it chronologically, I'm going to start with one of my latest finishes - and what's possibly my favourite of all the things I've made for the baby so far.
The design is Small Things Romper by Carina Spencer. I like the philosophy behind the design's name - much as in The God of Small Things, the idea is to cherish all the happy nothings in life.
Granted, these don’t look like they’ll be the most functional baby pyjamas in the world as they don't open at the legs, but they were too cute to pass up. I mean, I had been knitting so much practical baby stuff - and I had to cast on something just for the fun of it, you know? Now that I'm done with it, I certainly don't regret it - this is so, so cute!
Small Things Romper
At $10, the pattern costs more than I’m usually willing to pay for a single design (there's a bonus sweater design in the pattern but it really is just the romper knit down to the waist), but it is really clever. This was definitely not auto-pilot knitting! Sometimes it's fun to make something really challenging and ingenious.

Small Things Romper
The "tush shaping" (as phrased by the designer) is done with short rows to allow for the baby's cushioned, diapered bottom; I used my favourite method for short rows, which I learned when knitting the Vitamin D cardigan. It makes for virtually invisible turns.

The yarn is Rowan Calmer in the Plum colourway - so, so soft, with a velvety feel to it; and very stretchy, which makes it extra comfortable for a baby. If it wasn't so expensive I'd get more to make another romper in a different colour!
This used a little over 2 balls, and since I'd bought 3, I have just enough yarn to make a matching hat.
The wooden buttons come from my local notions shop, La Mercerie in Montpellier.
Small Things Romper
Well, you get it - I love this, and cannot wait to see my little girl in it!

My ravelry project page with all the details is here.
Small Things Romper
I'll talk to you soon - I have tons more to share! The baby's wardrobe is filling up quite nicely. :)

Bonjour !
Merci pour vos petits mots de la dernière fois. J'ai pu travailler de chez moi ces dernières semaines, et le congé maternité est désormais tout proche : j'ai hâte de pouvoir me reposer et me détendre à fond !

J'ai plein de projets à partager avec vous, mais au lieu de le faire par ordre chronologique, j'ai décidé d'y aller au coup de coeur pour aujourd'hui, et de vous montrer un des tous derniers ; de tout ce que j'ai fait pour le bébé, c'est peut-être bien ce que je prefère !
Le modèle est Small Things Romper de Carina Spencer. On pourrait le traduire par "le pyjama des petits bonheurs" ("small things" voulant dire ici tous les "petits riens" du quotidien qui rendent la vie précieuse). Certes, il y a plus pratique comme pyjama de bébé puisqu'il n'y a pas d'ouverture à l'entrejambe, mais j'ai trouvé ce modèle trop beau pour ne pas le faire. De temps en temps, un p'tit caprice ça fait du bien ! J'avais fait tellement de tricot "fonctionnel" dernièrement que j'ai eu envie de me faire plaisir. Et franchement je ne regrette pas : ce pyjama est tellement mignon !

Small Things Romper
Le patron est cher pour juste un modèle : 10 $, avec un modèle prétendument bonus pour faire un gilet assorti, mais celui-ci correspond tout simplement au haut du pyjama. Mais il est vraiment bien conçu, et j'ai appris plein de choses en le tricotant. Attention, il n’est pas fait pour tricoter sans réfléchir devant la télé ! Mais ça fait du bien de faire un truc bien compliqué de temps en temps.

Small Things Romper
Le petit derrière est créé avec des rangs raccourcis, pour un popotin rembourré de bébé. J'ai utilisé ma méthode préférée pour les RRs, celle expliquée dans le modèle du gilet Vitamin D. Ca donne des tours de rang invisibles.

Le fil, c'est Rowan Calmer, dans le coloris prune (plum) - tellement doux, au toucher velouté, et très élastique, donc super confortable pour un bébé. S'il n'était pas si cher, j'en rachèterais dans une autre couleur, pour faire un autre pyjama !
Le pyjama a pris un peu plus de deux pelotes, et comme j'en avais acheté 3, il me reste juste assez de fil pour faire un bonnet assorti.
Les boutons en bois viennent de La Mercerie à Montpellier.
Small Things Romper
Bon, vous l'aurez compris - j'adore ce pyjama, et j'ai vraiment hâte de voir ma p'tite cocotte dedans !

La page ravelry avec tous les p'tits détails pour ce projet est ici.
Small Things Romper
À bientôt : j'ai plein d'autres choses à vous montrer ! La garde-robe de la cocotte commence à bien se remplir :)


KarenV said...

That is one very cute romper suit! I love the contrast of the gold/orange buttons against the purple. Hope you're feeling OK.

jessyz said...

that is absolutely gorgeous, and beautifully done too. I love when people knit baby items in non baby colors

Lisette M said...

It is adorable! I had a similar knitted piece, a gift, and I used it often, so you never know it might be the one piece you reach for all the time.

Anne said...

So cute! I love the design. You did an amazing job. I am in awe of people who can knit. I think this little romper will be quite cozy.

Hope you are feeling well. Take care!


SEWN said...

I am just amazed with all of your output while pregnant. This romper is soooo cute. I love it. Best wishes on the remainder of your pregnancy!

couturearts said...

That is such a beautiful outfit! Please allow me to offer a piece of advice about it: Don't save it for a special occasion. Put it on her as often as possible, and take lots of photos.

Amanda S. said...

Oh! How adorable!!! LOVE the design and the plum color. That is one you don't see often for newborns. Why the stores only have pink or blue for young babies I'll never understand.

Tracy said...

Oooo... this is TOO, TOO CUTE, Isabelle! And just LOVE the scrumptious purple color. Baby Girl is gonna looks sooo sweet in this. By the way, have you decided on Baby Girl's name yet?! Just curious, you know... ;o) Love seeing all you've been knitting. And glad you're feeling better... Happy Weekend, my friend ((HUGS))

Lilian said...

Ahhh this is so sweet. I don't know why but it makes me think of a cuddly teddybear.

.x.Helen.x. said...

Such a gorgeous outfit and a lovely colour. I have made two cardigans in Rowan Calmer - it is comfortable to wear and washes well too. Your little one will look so cute!

Margaret said...

Adorable adorable baby romper! =o) This looks so cute and warm and cozy for the winter! What a splendid idea! It is just the thing for a Little Baby Girl born in winter. =o)

coonieandplume said...

Elle va être bien à l'aise dans ce joli pyjama, ta petite puce !

Tany said...

I'm so happy for you, Isabelle!!!!
Wishing you all the best!

(and if all goes well I may follow you... but this is a secret for the time being!)

KarenP said...

Just adorable! You will treasure it forever.

Kristy said...

Such a beautiful creation - not all baby clothes need to be functional, beauty is definately needed too! I wish I could knit half as well as you, all I can manage are unintentionally holey scarves...

Shashi Nayagam said...

How lovely! The colour is gorgeous one of my favourite colours. Take care and lots of rest.

Rebecca said...

so cute! and so glad to "see" you! hugs!

Guru Nam said...

Very pretty! I also made this pattern for my granson,Teppei. It was fun to do. Best wishes to you and your growing family.
Guru Nam Kaur

Karoline said...

Very cute, congratulations

A word of caution (if it's not already been raised) as I know you want to use cloth nappies, make sure to allow extra room round the 'tush'. Most baby clothes are not sized to take the extra bulk of a cloth nappy over a disposable.

Jennifer said...

LOVE IT!!! Your knit work is amazing. I adore this color as always baby knits are in pale colors which I find a bit dull. I hope you are feeling well and all is going smoothly for you.

Armelle said...

Tout simplement magnifique et la couleur!!!!

Barbara at Cat Fur Studio said...

Oh, how cute! Great color and so sweet a style.

Maria said...

That is such a cute little suit. I absolutely adore the buttons!