Thursday, September 15, 2011

Pretty Pregnancy Wardrobe - Jalie 2788 Twist Top

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Hello, everyone!
Shocking, I know - 3 posts in 4 days! Thing is, I really need to move along with sharing my projects, or this blog will never be up to date with my current projects. This post is 10 days overdue! ;)

First Maternity Top - Jalie 2788

Here is the first item in my maternity wardrobe (which I'm calling "Pretty Pregnancy", and that will be its label on the blog). As I explain in my latest podcast, I'll be concentrating on tops and dresses, because my older sister generously lent me several lovely pairs of maternity trousers, among which are the white linen trousers I'm wearing in the pictures (merci, Catherine!).
For this first top, I used the Jalie Twist Top pattern (Jalie # 2788).

First Maternity Top - Jalie 2788 - bump view :)
(Pictures were taken 11 days ago, and people have been telling me I've popped even more since then).

Pattern review
Pattern description (from the pattern envelope): "V-neck top with a fashionable twist along the cleavage line and tie at back neckline. View A has a three-quarter sleeve, View B has a puff sleeve and View C is sleeveless. The pattern includes optional front flounce and modesty panel for more coverage. The hem can be finished with a wide stretch lace trim."
Designs elements I liked: I like twist tops - they have this "designer" touch while not being over the top, nor hard to make at all. I liked the modesty panel in this one, which is quite necessary for this to be work appropriate given my cleavage's, ah, current condition.
I didn't use the front flounce because I didn't have enough fabric, but may use it some other time.
Changes: I made this a side bigger than usually (Jalie offers a lot of sizes - I made size 7 instead of my usual 5 or 6). I ended up having to take the top in at the shoulders seams.
I initially added 6 cm to the hem for extra belly coverage; but ended up chopping 5 out of these 6 cm, thereby only lengthening the top by 1 cm. I am short waisted, and guess in more "usual" circumstances, this top would look really long on me.
Looking at the pictures, I realize I could do with a little more coverage at the front armholes. I'll have to tweak the upper front panels next time to add more width.
I really like the way the knot turned out:
First Maternity Top - Jalie 2788 - knot detail
(Necklace is a handmade gift from a forum exchange - love it. Earrings are handmade as well - came from a little shop in Hartenstraat, back from when Seb worked in Amsterdam 3-4 years ago. I can't believe I still remember the name of the street!)

Conclusion: I love this top and have been wearing it pretty much every day that it's not been in the wash :) Definitely need to make more! I'll be making long-sleeved options for the cooler weather. This is another Jalie winner.

Bonjour, tout le monde !

Eh oui, tout arrive : 3 articles en 4 jours ! Il me faut vraiment me remuer un peu, autrement ce blog prend trop de retard par rapport à mes projets. Ce message a déjà 10 jours de retard !

First Maternity Top - Jalie 2788

La rentrée étant bien commencée, je n'aurai pas le temps de faire toujours des articles complètement bilingues, il faut être réaliste. Je me contente donc ici de l'essentiel : il y a un peu plus de détails en anglais.

Voici donc le premier projet dans ma garde-robe de grossesse (que j'appelle "Pretty Pregnancy", et ce sera sa catégorie sur le blog). Je ne sais pas si ça intéresse certain-e-s d'entre vous que je fasse un article sur le détail de ma garde-robe (tout est prévu !) ; pour faire bref, je vais me concentrer sur les hauts et les robes, car ma grande soeur m'a déjà gentiment prêté de jolis pantalons de grossesse, donc le pantalon de lin blanc que je porte sur les photos (merci, Soeurette !!)

Le patron est le Haut "twist" de chez Jalie (Jalie # 2788).

First Maternity Top - Jalie 2788 - bump view :)
(Les photos datent d'il y a 11 jours ; il paraît que je me suis encore arrondie depuis).

J'aime bien la façon dont le noeud s'est formé dans ce tissu fluide :
First Maternity Top - Jalie 2788 - knot detail

Conclusion: J'aime beaucoup ce haut et je le porte tout le temps ; il faut vraiment que j'en fasse plus. J'en ferai aussi à manches longues quand il fera plus frais (ce qui ne semble pas près d'arriver...). Comme toujours, de suis ravie Jalie (super slogan, non ?).


Tini said...

Lovely top! (Just remember, as the pregancy progresses you might need some extra length at the front...)

Lori said...

Beautiful top, you look wonderful.

Karin said...

It's a lovely top! So much nicer than the yucky maternity clothes that I had!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I just love the color...and the perfectly matching jewelry. Purple is one of my favorites. You look amazing!


Amanda S. said...

You look beautiful! I love the color choice, it will be perfect for fall and winter to layer under stuff. I can't wait to see the rest of your garments!

grandmastatus said...

that is just beautiful! i wish i'd been capable of sewing my own clothes when preggo... you're lucky you won't be forced to slop around in the type of things wore.
i love the little knot detail, and it is a lovely color.

Sue said...

Congratulations on your pregnancy. The jalie top looks great!

Jali said...

Pretty in purple! The top looks really stylish in your fabric choice. Glad that you found something this gorgeous after the difficulty in finding knits.

Summerset said...

Great top - the Jalie knit patterns are very pregnancy friendly! You look wonderful!

Tracy said...

Ooohhh...the first baby bump photos...*sigh*... How lovely you look, Isabelle! The top is sooo PRETTY! Love that fabric & pattern/print. What a nice fit & shape. And must say, love the necklace & earrings you're wearing too. Be keeping well...Happy Days ((LOVE & HUGS))

Anonymous said...

You look gorgeous! And understandably SO happy too! congratulations again! Ann

Ann's Fashion Studio said...

You look wonderful! All these will be fantastic maternity wear :))