Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Last of Summer - Simplicity 2580, maternified

Simplicity 2580 - maternified
(16 weeks in these pictures)
The story:
I got Simplicity 2580 months before I was pregnant (aside: even though it was very much in the plans, I decided to keep on planning my next projects without taking a possible pregnancy into account, no matter how hoped-for it was - not wanting to jinx things or anything. This explains why my latest knitted garments, started not long before the pregnancy, are very fitted, and won't be wearable for at least another year. I finished them as I was already 2 months along, to the mirth of my younger sister, who suggested I should simply give them to her. ;))
I'd long been attracted to the cowl neckline in view D, and as I was drafting my pregnancy wardrobe plans and looking at my patterns, I thought it would be a good candidate to alter into maternity wear, while still looking good in the years to come.
As you may recall from my wardrobe plans, this project was directly inspired from this dress, from a French maternity RTW store:
I made my changes accordingly, i.e. to match the shape and style of this dress.
Simplicity 2580 - maternified
- What I did to accommodate my growing belly into this initially very fitted dress, is cancel out the taper from thighs to waist, which gave me a rectangle for the skirt. I then gathered the top of the skirt before assembling it to the bodice.
- I didn't have to raise the waistline, as this is an empire dress to start with.
- I added a tie as in the inspiration picture; I feel this accents this dress (and the belly) in a nice way.

That is all I did as far as alterations are concerned. I cut a size 8 at the back (one size larger than usual, to account for expanding ribcage) and a 10 at the front. I basted everything before doing the actual sewing, but didn't need to change the fit.

I stitched the hem by hand, for an invisible hem (catching only one strand of fabric for each stitch); but the fabric, a viscose knit from Tissus Reine, is thin, so the stitching shows. Since it is regular, though, I don't think it matters.
Simplicity 2580 - maternified

- I love the cowl neck, which is a particular favourite neckline of mine; I also really liked that the front bodice is very neatly finished, as it is lined upon itself; this really beats the more sloppy finishing of New Look 6470, (i.e. pattern I used in the posts linked just above), where the front top edge is left unfinished.
- What I wish had been different (and what I'll be altering if I make this again), is that the back, on the other hand, isn't lined. My fabric being a little on the slim side, and maternity underwear being what it is, it doesn't make for the smoothest of looks:
Simplicity 2580 - maternified - back
(note, however, the matching Ficcare, that I'd gotten secondhand only a few weeks before! Matching my hair accessories with my clothes is quite a little obsession of mine).

Now I was feeling pretty proud with this altered design and with the result; but the funny thing is, as I was browsing patternreview to check links when putting together my wardrobe article, I noticed Trena's version. I had admired hers when she made it months ago. Looking at it again, I realized she'd done the same alteration of widening the skirt at the waist to add folds and fullness. Even though I didn't consciously copy her, it must definitely have stuck in my mind! I guess I hadn't added two and two together because her dress is long-sleeved, and because the clever way she sewed on the ties makes it closer to the body (so flattering!). The good thing is, it confirmed that this dress should also look good on me in future years.

I kept the best picture for last: my younger sister Hélène came to visit from Paris last week, a rare and wonderful treat; we celebrated her arrival by feeding the baby ice cream! Note the extra cone for the baby (or it may simply have been that I was holding Seb's ice cream as he was handling the camera;))
The baby wants ice-cream!


Helene said...

Superbe, tu es toujours aussi élégante, et visiblement épanouie par ta grossesse ! Tous mes voeux pour que ça dure, c'est ce qu'on peut te souhaiter de mieux non ?

mainely stitching said...

You look radiant!

Amanda S. said...

It is SO beautiful on you! The cowl is really flattering and I love the color.

Anonymous said...

Indeed you should be proud of this creation. In this case I mean the dress, but of course the other "creation" as well! This shade of blue is very good for you. I love the photo of you and your sister.


Lori said...

Beautiful dress, I really like the fullness to the skirt. You look so pretty in your new dress. I agree babies do like ice cream!

Anonymous said...

tu es radieuse, le fait d'être enceinte te sied à merveille!

ta robe est très réussie, bravo!



Julie said...

You're beautiful ;)

stebo79 said...

That dress is so flattering on you! Well done!

And by the way, I enjoy listening to your podcast :-)

Greets from Germany,

The Slapdash Sewist said...

Yum, your ice cream looks delicious! I love how versatile this pattern is.

Nadia said...

Magnifique cette robe Isabelle, j'aime particulièrement la couleur et le tombé du tissus.
Quant à ton petit bidon... trop mignon :D

Audrey said...

The dress is a gorgeous style and color on you. You look beautiful. Enjoy your pregnancy. I know I enjoyed my 2, and I still fondly remember the maternity suits and dresses I made for myself.

Karin said...

You look gorgeous! Great colour and style, so much better than the yucky, rye maternity clothes that I had!

Lisbei said...

Hello ma chère amie !
Ta robe est vraiment magnifique, et le moins que l'on puisse dire est que tu as de la chance de coudre aussi divinement et de pouvoir te faire une belle garde-robe de grossesse, car dans le commerce, les vêtements de grossesse sont souvent peu flatteurs, ou alors, carrément hors de prix ...
J'aime beaucoup moi aussi le col de ta robe, mais surtout sa couleur, ce bleu turquoise est magnifique ! Et vous êtes toutes belles avec ta gourmande de soeur ... et ton/ta gourmand/e de fils/fille en prime !!
Gros bisous !
PS : j'espère que le pauvre futur Papa a eu le droit de récupérer sa glace après la séance photo ...

Ann's Fashion Studio said...

The color is very pretty and you look wonderful!

michele picard said...

bravo pour la robe si seyante . Ce bleu vous va bien . Je suis avec plaisir l'evolution du bebe qui sera gourmand car il aime les glaces !
bonne journée

Shashi Nayagam said...

The dress looks very cool and comfy. Have a great time feeding the baby icecreams.

Annette said...

Loooove the last picture!

Summerset said...

I think it is a wonderful dress, and will serve you well next summer, too. Looks like you had a wonderful time with your sister!

Tracy said...

Ice cream for the little one already....that's a good start! ;o) Oh, how happy you look... just love seeing you so happy! And how lovely your sister came for a visit. LOVE the dress... that color and the cowl neckline and tie grabbed me right away. This dress suits you well. What a pretty look for summer. This pattern seems easy to adjust/adapt, I like that. Can't wait to see more... Happy Autumn, my friend ((HUGS))

Cennetta said...

You look terrific.

Geri Cooper said...

I agree with others that this is a great dress, the color is vy good ith your skin! How wonderful your sister could visit, and it looks like you both had some fun. I wanted to send you a link to the cutest baby patterns ever, you may have already heard of Citronelle since it is a french company, bu if not here is a link Enjoy! Looking forward to your pretty pregnancy wardrobe taking shape!

HeathersSphere said...

You look tres mignonne in your stunning dress! Congratulations on your baby! You are one stylish mom-to-be!

KarenP said...

Your dress is adorable!

Anonymous said...

Wow great dress I wonder if this would work also for the bigger sized women 18-22 I have similar Knit fabric same color. I got on sale looks just like your blue.

I was also trying to fiqure a way to do a cool-lot type seam in the middle but not have the seam show to much Or split the skirt part into 4 and sew loose cool-lots only on the inside attaching it to seam Thus still looks like a skirt, But won't show your panties getting in and out of a car or a chair.I would make the panty part more short like shorter than the skirt part of the dress .
Thanks for the cool idea Diane