Saturday, April 30, 2011

Sewing Plans

Hello there! :)
As I was telling you the other day, Melissa and James came to visit this week. We had a great time! I was so happy to see Melissa again, and to meet James. P'tite Mignonne was spoiled rotten with treats and lots of cuddles. Melissa has a picture of us that she'll probably post on her blog when they're back from their Tour de France. The funny thing when we took the picture is, Melissa was wearing Jalie jeans and I was wearing a Jalie top, so we matched. ;)

It was exciting to show my sewing room/office to Melissa, and of course to chat about sewing (though I believe we were pretty good at not talking about sewing all the time, so as not to bore the guys too much!). Melissa showed me her embroidery for her upcoming silver and linen dress, and her grey stretch lace hand-basted on pink jersey for her Burda dress - both are going to be stunning. Needless to say, this was all super inspiring.

Also very exciting were the fabrics that Melissa brought me! When she was planning her trip, she asked me whether there was anything I would like brought over from England? - oh yes, I replied. Knit fabric in pretty prints! So I placed an order on an English website and Melissa had it delivered at her home. The fabrics  came wrapped with a big bow, and they are gorgeous!

Yes, P'tite Mignonne is convinced they are part of the treats James and Melissa brought her.

I am so pleased with these fabrics. The recovery is great, the touch is super nice, and the colours and prints are just what I was hoping for. I am simply enamoured with the black, fuchsia and white large floral print. The website they came from is Totally Fabrics.

What do I plan to do with these? Glad you asked :)
  • The black and fuchsia print is going to become my birthday dress! After much debating, I am going to use Simplicity 2369 (view B) for this one. I wanted a largish skirt to get to fully enjoy the fabric ;) but not so much that it is going to take up all of the fabric. I am hoping to have enough leftover to make a top.
  • The blue floral fabric, which is darker IRL than in the picture, is going to be made into a Simplicity 2580 dress, a pattern I've long wanted to make - I find cowl necklines so elegant (which is why I swooned over the Maid of Honour's dress at the Royal Wedding yesterday! More so actually than over the Bride's dress). I'm going to make view D, in the shorter length.
  • I am still undecided as to the fate of the black and red fabric. Maybe the Jalie Empire Dress (see below)? With the stripes going horizontally for the bodice and vertically for the skirt? What do you think? Or maybe a couple of tops. This fabric is super cute, with stylized flowers and cherries that have a retro feel. Feel free to offer more ideas :)

I have lots of work piled up this weekend, but I did cut out the pattern pieces for both Simplicity dresses before going to bed yesterday, and I do hope I'll manage to sew the mock-wrap dress in small increments and finish it in time. I have to get up at 5.30 am for work on my birthday (something that occurs fairly regularly, but that I don't get used to), and the prospect of putting this on should help me start my day on a happy note. ;)

Knitting wise, I made good progress on my Spring Garden Tee (another design by Alana Dakos). I am knitting this in bamboo for the warm months, and it feels like silk. I love working on this project.
Yep - P'tite Mignonne managed yet again to sneak into the picture.


Jennifer said...

Love, love , love the fabrics(and the ideas)! I totally agree about the black striped piece. I think my favorite is the large floral. It will make a beautiful birthday dress. I am working on a stretch-knit top now. At a stand-still though because my machine has suddenly decided it no longer likes to make a zig zag stitch! Just the side seams left to go...........

Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

I so agree with you regarding the bridesmaid dress...I just liked it so much better than Kate's wedding dress.

Love your new fabrics and choices...these are going to make wonderful garments.

Summerset said...

What fun - guests and treats for all!

AECDesigns said...

I love how she's peeking at the yarn on the edge of the seat. I don't believe it will be there very long ...

RoseFT said...

Beautiful fabrics ! Lucky you :)
I wouldn't mix the stripes's directions on the Jalie dress, but that's just personal, and the pattern/fabric match is great !

Agree about the bridesmaid dress and cowl necks.

Anonymous said...

Great! Thank you for the update Isabelle, and have a wonderful birthday! Ann

Julie said...

Nice projects !
Happy to see that your new fabrics inspired you :)
Hugs to you and to the guest star of your pictures.

Shashi Nayagam said...

Gorgeous fabrics and the top is looking beautiful too. Ofcourse P'tite Mignonne has to approve your photos lol!

melissa said...

Yayyy! We had SUCH a brilliant time at yours! We're already planing another trip next year to just concentrate on the South, too. :)

Oh, and I love that second Simplicity pattern - I use that as my go-to knit cowl neck top pattern and it's wonderful. I don't often sew Simplicity patterns, but that one's a winner.

The Slapdash Sewist said...

What lovely fabrics! I so enjoy sewing a pretty knit. I hope a lovely new dress will ease the pain of getting up so early on your birthday. I would be very grumpy about that!

Alexandra said...

Those Simplicity dress patterns are beautiful. I can't wait to see your finished dresses.

Lisbei said...

Hello ma chère amie !
Moi aussi je trouve le tissu noir avec des fleurs blanches et fushia absolument magnifique, il me tarde de voir la belle robe que tu vas en faire !
Gros bisous à vous trois !

Susannah said...

What great visitors. In my house, having visitors usually means packing up all my sewing paraphenalia so they have a room to stay in, which is a real nuisance. And none of my visitors have ever brought fabric with them!