Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Belle Sleeve Birthday Pullover

This year, instead of making a cute dress, I finished a lacy top just in time for my birthday. It's been a week, but the usual work overload, daily rehearsals and a challenging concert last Sunday, haven't been exactly favourable to blogging.

The design's name is really Bell Sleeve Pullover, but "Belle Sleeves" sounds much more fancy, don't you think?
The pictures were taken at my parents', in le Nord. Hence the typical yellow bricks.
The design is by one of my favourite designers, Doris Chan. For anyone interested, it is available for free.
The only thing I changed was adding a few more rows to the body. I also crocheted the bottom rows and the sleeves’ bells with a 5.00-mm crochet hook, to add a bit more flare. I didn’t add any extra rows to the sleeves.  Sigh... Love the sleeves! Especially the edging, with the picot and fans.
This turned out much prettier than I was hoping: nothing to do with the pattern, but I wasn’t too happy with the yarn’s texture. I was also afraid it wouldn’t be comfortable to wear as the yarn didn't have much give at all, but as it turns out it’s fine.

The yarn is Rigato, by Austerman. It is a single colour, but is self-stripping through the variation in texture - from matte (linen) to shiny (rayon).
I love wearing this top - wearing black lace is truly a special feeling.  This wasn't the first time I made a black lacy top, and I can't promise it'll be the last, either.

My current project is a lilac cotton top from the Rowan Summer Crochet book. This book is so beautiful, I want to get lost in its pages. 

I have had some emergency sewing to do, as well, as I was told I was to wear a non-black concert skirt to last Sunday's concert only two days beforehand! As a result, the skirt is way simpler than I might have liked (it would have been a nice opportunity to have fun with formal sewing), but it fit the bill. I can always make a fancy top to match the skirt next time.

I'm not quite sure when I'll manage to post the next update. I'll be moving into a brand new, larger, lovely flat in the weeks to come. There's even a tiny garden for P'tite Mignonne! I loved living in my current flat with its beautiful mosaic tiles and its white mezzanine, but the street was just too noisy for the light sleeper that I am. Besides, it'll the largest flat I've ever had, and I'll be turning one of the two bedrooms into my study / craft room!

Sunday, May 02, 2010

In Progress: Spring Shawl

In a lovely organic cotton by Plassard - I love this tea green shade, and the yarn is a delight to work with.
The pattern is Eva's Shawl, a freebie on Ravelry.
I think I'll stop adding more rows to the shawl, as it'll grow some more in the blocking process. I now want to find a pretty edging design for the border to add some interest (and a bit of a personal touch).
More soon! I just finished a lace top that turned out real nice (if I may say so ;)). Need to edit a few pictures before I can share it here with you.

Hope you all had a good weekend. I know I did - anyway :)
Oh, and someone certainly made sure she didn't get left behind.