Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Thank you!

Hey, thanks for all your good wishes and general thoughtful words lately. They've been much treasured and appreciated. Merci, to each and everyone of you, for the kindness and good vibes.

I have yet to take pictures of my last two dresses, but the weather has been too moody lately to allow my camera to catch the details well.
Meanwhile, here is my second Calorimetry:
The earrings are handmade and come from the shop of my friend Tracy - I'm a big fan of her jewelry :)
The hairstick was handcrafted locally, so the look is pretty much all handmade :)
I made this one bigger as I wanted more of a “mini-scarf” effect, something that would wrap more widely over the head. I therefore used a bulkier yarn, and a larger hook (5.5 mm). As with the first one, I skipped 2 middle rows to keep a snug fit.
I also replaced the button closure with ties this time, using the sc/ch foundation stitch taught in Doris Chan’s patterns.
(I did snip the yarn's ends after taking the pictures, and before going out. Oh dear.)

As I was taking pictures, I was tickled to see the headband matched my nail polish.
This is little wonder, though, as this yarn pretty much encapsulates all my favourite shades - soft blues, grey-blues, green-blues, into one ball. Sigh.

The yarn is Mille Colori by Lang; it is a mix of half wool and half acrylic.
I was treated to four more balls of it this weekend, that will probably become a shrug. The gifter didn't even know I'd just been using the very same colourway - how is that for spot on?

More on crochet, and sewing, later. The weather is supposed to clear up later this week, which should help reconcile my camera with the details of my last finishes. :)

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

When life gives you sick ears... Crochet pretty headbands!

Well, just as I told you I was better, my body had a different opinion - LOL. I just got a throat infection from a bacteria that was more virulent than the one causing strep throat. The infection also grew into an ear infection... and the fever just wouldn't go down. Fun! I'm currently on my second course of antibiotics. I'm feeling significantly better today. Aaahh. :)

I guess it was my body's way of saying that I needed a break. I didn't stop working during the Christmas holidays in order to get ready for the beginning of the semester, and it seems my body put me on a forced break. For a few days I was unable to do anything - I just had no choice. In retrospect, this total break felt really good.

Here's a headband I crocheted while resting. I figured this would keep my ears warmer than the looser snoods I usually wear to go out (I have a collection of snoods which I made on a knitting loom in 2008 and 2009 and have, ahem, never documented here).

The design is a crochet version of the Calorimetry that some of you knitters may know. Here's a direct link to the free pattern.
I used Lang's Superwash Merino wool. Warm, plump, smooth and soft.

This design is so cute and easy that I'm making another Calorimetry in a variegated yarn (also by Lang). I'm making this one larger (using a bulkier yarn and a larger hook) to create more of a mini-scarf effect, and am replacing the button closure with ties.

As I was in the local notions/yarn shop (La Mercerie in Montpellier) to get this yarn, one of the sellers, Katia, recognized me from Ravelry and came up to speak to me - we'd exchanged a couple of messages over there as I'd put the Mercerie into the Ravelry database. How fun is that?

As I was starting to get better over the past couple of days, I managed to finish my crochet dress (love it!), and actually got some sewing done! My first Mad Men inspired dress is almost finished. So, yeah, feeling much better in every respect. :)

To close this, and by request ;) here's a picture I just snapped of my precious:

Indulging in her favourite pastime (after cuddling and sleeping): spying on people from the window. Such a busybody, that one.

Happy weekend everyone!