Thursday, September 09, 2010

White tank top

I am a bit too (pre)occupied ATM to be much talkative, hence my sparse posting despite pictures being ready for several weeks. I just thought I'd finally post anyway, and let the pictures do most of the talking.
This is another design by Doris Chan, from her book Everyday Crochet (same book the design for this dress came from). I modified the design as the absence of waist decrease was making this look ridiculously tent-like on my hourglass figure. I must confess to being rather proud of this achievement - decreasing shells on the round is not self-evident.

I also modified the design for the straps/neckline finish, as I didn't find the original neckline to be flattering on me. It was originally too square, high and tight. It took me quite a few tries to get the neckline to my liking.

In the (unlikely) event anyone is interested in these alterations, please let me know in the comments.

There's a funny little story about this top. I made this during my holidays in the Alps back in July, as this picture testifies ;)

The process was put to a sudden halt when an Evil Dog of Doom rushed at me, decided my ball of pure white yarn was his new toy, and promptly set about covering it in dirt and doggy drool. Good thing I'm not afraid of dogs and was quickly able to recover my yarn from the dog's jaws. Good thing, too, that I was able to borrow some savon de Marseille from one of the other tenants. The yarn was good as new after a wash.

This is quite a useful little top - dressier than most tank tops (although it was quite dressed down in the pictures, over one of my favourite summer skirts for staying at home and sitting in the grass!), meaning I can wear it to work, and very nice to wear, as it is 100% cotton. I bought the cotton at a factory shop in my hometown (Lille), and got it for 1 euro a skein. This top cost me 3 euros.

I am very happy to report that I've been sewing again! My office/sewing room is all but complete - all that's left to get is a small table for the serger. I love my room, love working - and sewing! - in it. Good thing, too, as there's been quite a lot on my plate lately, and there promises to be much more of it as the next few weeks unfold. At least, I get to do it in a lovely environment when I work from home.


Helene said...

Great, your modifications suit very well, and the finished tank is really pretty! I like it.

(I make the effort to write that in English, sure I've made some mistake, but... I know you will be indulgent)

Cennetta said...

Lovely tank top, and the shawl is equally beautiful.

Amanda S. said...

How pretty! You can never have too many white tops, IMO. Great job!

mermaids said...

gorgeous tank!

Summerset said...

Lovely - you've done a wonderful job getting the front just right.

Lisette M said...

It looks beautiful on you! Your shaping is perfect.

coffeecupthoughts said...

Lovely job, Isabelle! The more I see of Doris Chan's designs the more I fall in love with her. I think I might have a crush. ;p

pinky said...

J'ai beaucoup ri avec l'épisode du chien imaginant la scène ;)

Ma belle mère m'a aussi crocheté des petits hauts mais je ne me sens pas trop à l'aise dedans!

Moi aussi j'arrange mon espace couture/chambre d'amis :) Ca ne fait que la 2eme fois depuis que j'ai emménagé !

The Slapdash Sewist said...

Congratulations on your sewing set-up! I'm sure you will be so happy to use your new sewing room. Pretty tank top!

Anonymous said...

très réussi ton top, bravo!

très rigolo l'épisode du chien, je pense pas trop pour toi sur le moment!

bon dimanche



Karoline said...

The top is gorgeous, congratulations.

Glad to hear you are sewing again

Lisbei said...

Hello my dear friend !
Je le trouve tout simplement superbe ton petit haut en crochet blanc. Je me souviens qu'adolescente, j'en avais un qui lui ressemblait beaucoup, j'adorais le porter !
Alors comme ça, tu croises des Chiens des Enfers dans les Alpes ... heureusement que la minette n'était pas avec toi à ce moment-là !
Gros bisous !

Jennifer said...

What a beautiful crochet top. Also the background scenery of these photos is lovely. I am amazed at how long your hair is. Always it is "up" in your photographs.

Teddylyn said...

Really pretty crochet work. I especially like the tank top--great fit and style for you!

Lynda in LV