Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A tunic top from eons ago...

Oh dear, this life of mine is turning out to be insane. My only time off is one hour on Wednesdays for my singing class, and late Thursday nights for vocal ensemble. If I didn't love my job so much, and if it wasn't so incredibly rewarding, I would totally lose it right now.

You guys have probably guessed by now what the main problem is: I haven't touched my sewing machine since Julie came to visit in early October, and this totally sucks!
Here's a tunic I made when she was there. I totally forgot I hadn't photographed it yet, and as I was wearing it today, I snapped a couple of pictures while the sun was out.
This is Onion 2017. I used this pattern once before, for a shorter version. The Japonaiseries top is one of my favourite casual tops to wear, so this pattern was definitely worth re-using.

What I like about this top is that the pattern is casual, but the fabric is classy enough to keep this wearable pretty much anywhere.
I love dressing in black and white. The contrast between my skin tone and my hair somehow inspires me to play with high contrasts in my choice of colours, too.

Here is another picture that shows the whole outfit better (the pants are purchased):

That's all for now, friends - I gotta go again.

I shall have to get sewing pretty soon, as my ensemble has a few concerts upcoming and I need a long black skirt.
Oh, and I've started to teach myself crochet to help my brain disconnect from work mode before I go to sleep. Making a couple of rows every night really helps to wind down. So you'll get to see the results occasionally. ;)

Take care! Happy Thanksgiving to my American readers - and happy everything to everybody. :)

Monday, November 02, 2009

New Look 6470, Takes 4 and 5

Hello, everyone!

The following projects are probably from late September. I can't remember exactly. My brain is sometimes turned to mush because of overworking. That is the case at the moment.

NewLook 6470, views A & E
The top tends to fall off from the shoulder a little. I need to figure a way to attach the shoulders to my bra straps. What's the neatest way to do this, do you think?
Here is a better picture of the skirt, from the same pattern.
Thanks to Julie for the picture! :)
(Coincidentally, the purple top shown above was made using the same pattern envelope a year ago.)

I made this skirt because I really don't have enough, and I needed a quick project.
I really like the flounce; I really don't like the elastic at the waist. A zipper would have been much neater and given a smoother waist line; but I didn't have time to alter the pattern, and I needed my sewing fix, quick.
I do like the skirt, nonetheless. I've worn this exact outfit to work (with the addition of a little make-up. The picture was taken on a laid-back, no-make-up Sunday).

I've never used a pattern that much before. Here are creations 1, 2, and 3 from this pattern. Creations 4 & 5 are above.

Oh! Here are pictures of the whole outfit that also show the sofa cover I made back in August. The landlady left a stunning leather sofa in the flat, and I made a cover for it within a week of my moving in - I was so scared of P'tite Mignonne using the tantalizing surface to sharpen her claws.

The fabric is from Ikea. I was missing about a metre, so the cover is not as well finished as I would like. Still, I'm pretty happy with it - and light grey/cream cat hair doesn't show on it! (the flat is decorated in black and white with red accents, but a black cover just wasn't an option with the furlady gracing this place.)

I believe I only have one project left in the backlog. Haven't sewn in weeks, and it sucks!

Hope you guys are all doing well and have more time to sew than I do.