Friday, August 14, 2009

The Interview Jacket - McCall's 5477

Hello, everyone!

Thank you so much for your response to my last news. I still haven't got the Internet in my new home, and getting all of your comments at once was quite overwhelming - in a good way. Thank you!

Things are good here, albeit hot - and although Orange has been royally messing up with my phone connection - not once, not twice, but THREE times. For now. If things go well I may have the Internet by the middle of next week, but I'm not holding my breath.

Ms Cutie was an absolute trooper during the trip - as long as she could be on my lap, she slept. She loves her new flat.

I've been busy settling in and preparing for my new job, but have also started sewing again. No home feels like home until you've started sewing in it - don't you think? For the first time since I started sewing, I have a comfortable space to sew and organize my stash, and it's been wonderful. It's amazing how more efficient you can be when you actually have enough room for your hobby!

Before moving on to my latest projects, though, I felt I had to start with the jacket I made back in May.

McCall's 5477 - view B
I made this jacket for the interview that got me my new post. The outfit I'm wearing in the pictures is the replica of what I wore to the interview, up to the hair - minus the purple nail polish. I wore an understated mother-of-pearl shade to the interview. (Pity my face would not cooperate. I look so wan in these pictures).
I made view B (three-quarter sleeves) in a burgundy/black wrinkled poly. The hand is similar to taffeta, but thicker than the usual stuff.
The fabric is moiré (the burgundy thread is interwoven with black), and therefore very hard to photograph. The pictures absolutely do not do it justice, and make the jacket look far shinier than it actually is. The sheen is very subtle IRL.

I made the jacket a few months ago, and then was swept up in the whirlwind of end-of-year work related to my previous post, combined with the taking up of my new job. As a consequence, I don't remember all the construction details.
What I do remember, however, is that this was an excellent pattern, with nice finishing details and good instructions. Making this jacket was time-consuming and at times challenging, but well worth the effort.

Unfortunately you can't see the lines well because of the sheen, but this pattern got me interested in the first place me because of the unusual construction - neither darts, nor princess seams, but curves and gathers that emphasize the waist, both at the back and at the front. Here is a very small picture from Mccall's website:
Hmm, I should probably photograph the jacket on my dressform to have more control over what the camera captures.
I lined the jacket with China silk. Too bad I didn't press it before making the shoots. Oh well.

I'm usually more of a Vogue seamstress when it comes to the Big 4, but this got me all interested in McCall's patterns again. Not that they offer that many styles that I like; but I believe their jacket designs are often better than the rest of their collections. I'd like to make another of their jackets for the beginning of the academic year.

The dress is New Look 6643, which I made two years ago. Still one of my favourite dresses - I always feel confident in it.

I have quite a backlog of projects to post : Butterick 5032, Vogue 8571 (this is what P'tite Mignonne is lounging on in the picture opening this post), a reconstruction of New Look 6557, and a maxi dress, Simplicity 3803 (apparently not on the Simplicity website anymore). Oh, and a slipcover for the sofa. I just couldn't face the risk of P'tite Mignonne using the beautiful skai sofa as a scratchpole.

I have a few projects lined up, too; and just placed an order for more (5!) dress patterns. The climate here demands that dresses be worn day in, day out, and I can never have enough of them right now.

So long, everyone - I'm not sure when I can post again, and cannot imagine how much I'll have to catch up on when I get back to everyone's blogs! I guess you ladies will make me go into inspiration overload.
Thanks again for your warm response to my last post!