Wednesday, July 22, 2009

What - she's moving again?

Well, friends, yes I am. This time should be for good though. Hopefully. ;)

You see, the past few months have not been all bad, since I got a job [edited for privacy].

Since I got the news, I have been quite busy preparing next year's curriculum and brochure, and finding a flat in my future home town.
I am obviously a bit apprehensive at the thought that my whole family (with whom I am very close) will be 800 to 1200 kilometers up north; yet on the other hand, this is a great opportunity for a clean start; and the post is really everything I dreamed of.

In case some of you have managed to follow my rather hectic movements over the past 7 months (in which case you deserve a special ribbon), this is the third time I'm moving since January (Paris -> London, London -> Paris, now Paris -> South); hopefully this time should be the charm.

I moved out of my Paris flat last week. I just spent a week relaxing and reorganising my boxes at my parents' country house (reduce, reduce, reduce, for a change); and the four of us (my parents, P'tite Mignonne and me) are leaving for my future home very early tomorrow morning.
My stuff is all packed in my Dad's minivan. It is going to be a long drive. Montpellier is exactly 1000 kms South (= 620 miles) from my parents' home.

My biggest anxiety concerns Ms Cutie. Granted, we've travelled regularly together - and she's a wonderful traveller; but the longest she's ever been on a journey was when we travelled by train from Paris to Amsterdam last year - about 5-6 hours. This is going to be twice as long. Thank goodness she is so calm and sweet - basically, as long as I stay within her sight, she doesn't fret too much.

I just hope she manages to drink during the drive. I got her a harness so I can get her out of the car when we take breaks on the motorway, and we both learned how to use it this week ;)

I probably won't be having the Internet for a while, and my parents are staying with me for a week down South so we can enjoy a few more days together. :)

Anyway - I'll see you all whenever I get back online! and I promise to finally photograph and share with you those latest projects of mine - I have been sewing a little, I swear ;)

Hoping this finds you all enjoying a nice summer - or winter, for those of you on the other side of the Equator ;)