Tuesday, May 12, 2009

She Says it All so Well - Cidell

This post is totally out of the blue, but what Cidell so aptly described here is exactly what happened to me on this blog last week; I mean, this kind of things happens every now and then, but this time it was particularly obnoxious, and on my very birthday, no less. It was also totally unrelated to the garment I was showing, or to anything I was saying. It was pure spite directed at my person. I know this anonymous a**hole doesn’t deserve this, but it still hurts. I wasn't going to mention it here - I deleted the comment and have since been moderating all comments. But Cidell's article really helps me come to terms with it.

I do hope you go read her article.
I'm glad I snatched a few minutes to read your blog today, Cidell.

This of course, doesn't make me overlook all the wonderful and caring comments you guys leave here. They really mean a lot to me, and I wish I had the time to reply to each of them separately. I do always click on the link you provide and go visit your own spots of the web - and always enjoy what you share!
Sometimes also - especially for recent commenters, whom I heartily welcome - the Blogger profile under which you're posting links back to a blank page, so that I cannot leave an acknowledgement in any way. I want you to know that I would otherwise be delighted to go visit your own blog, or profile.

On my sewing table is still the Butterick retro 5209, which I've currently put on hold to make a jacket, McCall's 5477:
I'm making view B in a burgundy wrinkled poly. It's like taffeta, but thicker than the usual stuff.
All the little bits are cut out and I'm hoping to start the sewing tonight.

However, it might be a few more days/weeks before I manage to show you a new project. I've been sick (flu with a fever) over the past week, and am slowly starting to feel better today.
More importantly, a whole lot of things await me in the days/weeks to come; so I'll probably catch up with you all later.

See you guys. Keep on sewing, and be proud of the beauty you create! I may not have been up to commenting much lately, but I've been enjoying and admiring your creations very much. Thanks for sharing, for the inspiration and for the eye candy!

Monday, May 04, 2009

Birthday Dress 2009

Here is the dress I made for my 28th birthday. I didn't come up with a proper name,which bugs me as I like to name all my projects - especially birthday dresses! Feel free to toss out a few ideas it if you feel so inspired. They would be much appreciated.
This is New Look 6643, a dress I already made as a little black dress. This time I used dupioni silk for the outside, and lined the dress with China silk.
The pictures are not the best and the dress still needs a fair bit of ironing (this is one terrible looking hem!), but this was all my timetable would allow if I wanted pictures by daylight, and I figured it was better than nothing.
Obligatory parting shot: