Thursday, January 29, 2009

Be it London or Paris...

... Some things just never change.

(this is my coat's collar, by the way.)
Have a lovely day, all :)

Monday, January 26, 2009

Been Busy

I spent some quality time with my sewing room last week... Making myself at home in it. While I didn't feel like making clothes quite yet (although the wind is definitely turning, as adumbrated in yesterday's article), I felt in the mood for cute, fun stuff. I therefore decided to finally start and replenish my sorely neglected Etsy shop.
Here's a sample of what I've been making:
Scented pillows

(the hearts are lavender scented and the strawberries smell of... strawberries!)

Sleeping masks...
And roll-up cases.

I keep having new ideas for more, so the shop's restocking is definitely not over.

That's all for now! Work is calling my name, and after that - my coat.
Bon lundi à vous !

Sunday, January 25, 2009

More temptation!

Hello, everyone!
I hope this finds you all well, and that you had/are having a lovely weekend.
Mine went well! Melissa and I met up yesterday - Melissa and her friend Anwen kindly (or is it maliciously?) showed me around Goldhawk Road, AKA the fabric hub in London. Wow. Now, I know what a fabric neighbourhood can look like - I lived in Paris for 8 years, so seeing a whole street devoted to fabric stores was nothing new - but the huge difference is that most fabrics offered on Goldhaw Road are for garment sewing - not home dec as around the Sacré-Coeur. Also, the contents are clearly labelled... and the fabrics feel like seriously good quality. (Oh, and they let you fondle the fabric, too! Something new to me.) As Melissa remarked, there probably wasn't a single fabric type that we did not get to see.
It's also, ah, only half an hour from my home. Friends, I am doomed!

I was good though, and only got what I needed, not wanted: a silk print to line my coat, and some sturdy fabric to cover the settee in our flat. The settee is white, and belongs to the flat's owners, which freaks me out.
I know a silk lining sounds absurdly luxurious, but it was actually less expensive than polyester lining in Paris, so hey.

This was such a fun morning - thanks Melissa! Looking forward to our next time together :)
When I came home after the shopping, my coat pattern was waiting for me in the post. Timely! I cut out the coat and lining today. This princess-seamed coat is going to be a lot of work, but it'll be worth it.
More on this soon, that's for sure! The sooner I can wear this coat, the better.

Have a good week, everyone!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Bits and Bobs

Thanks everyone for the warm wishes and for welcoming me to my new home! :)

It's been a little while, as I'm slowly getting organized around a different living pattern. We're not quite settled yet, but we're getting there. My sewing room/office is now almost completely ready, and it's looking fabulous!

Did I mention that the flat is 5 minutes away from a fabric shop? I positively squealed when we happened upon it on one of our first exploratory rounds. Squealed, leaped - and turned away, so as not to be tempted.
Here's the thing. Since the move, I've been repeating to myself that I will not shop for new fabric until my stash has significantly diminished. I am so ashamed of these 3 boxes of fabric that I insisted had to come with us. (The saucepans? Nah, these could stay in France. Chairs? Who needs chairs when they can have fabric? It was bad enough that I had to leave most of my beloved books, my Burdas, and my treasured box of embroideries at my parents. I had to have my fabrics at least!) The other day, however, Seb told me in earnest:
"You know, I really don't have a problem with your fabric stash."
I nearly fell over. At which he elaborated:
"You need your stash to be creative; you need to be creative to be happy. Stop feeling guilty about it! I'm happy it makes you happy."
Merci, Seb. I'll try feeling less guilty. But I'll also do my best and sew up all these gorgeous knits I bought in Amsterdam and haven't been using yet, because, you know, they're too pretty to cut out!

Seb is thus constantly nudging me to visit this place of temptation. Which I have, of course. ... Three or four times already? (how can I help myself? I walk past the shop so often.) The shop is small, but they have a very nice and varied selection; the prices are much better than in Paris; and the staff is friendly and helpful.

Now, a confession: I did buy a little fabric, to make myself a coat. See, I have a very warm long coat for when it's really cold (bought 10 years ago, of the indestructible sort); an unlined wool coat and a lined coat/jacket that are perfect for most winter days in Paris. I have nothing, however, for when it's not totally freezing, yet when the cold London wind makes my lighter coat and jacket bitterly insufficient (you don't get much wind at all in Paris.)
Pattern will be Vogue 8346; I'll be making View D (pictured in white on the envelope). In a deep aubergine wool-mohair-alpaca mix! Haven't got lining for it yet. Something a bit funky would be nice. I love the contrasting lining of my ruby-turquoise coat; but I want something even more fun this time. This is what meeting Trena will do to you. She was wearing this coat when we last met, and it was one of the most brilliantly (both figuratively and literally) contrasting linings I've ever seen.

Still can't get over the fact I have a sewing room/office that is all my own.
For that matter, I still can't get over the fact that I am living in London. I mean, friends, is this all for real? Anyone pinch me?

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Bonne année !

Hello, and Happy New Year, everyone!

I did want to take a moment and thank you all for being there in 2008 - for being so inspiring, supportive, and simply, there. Here's to a fantastic New Year 2009 for all of you. May you all be happy, healthy, and able to sew or stitch to your heart's content this year. Bonne année !

I am now blogging from the other side of the pond. We - Seb, Miss Cutie and me - are all safely arrived in our adorable flat. A thousand thanks to my father for helping us move, driving us from Paris to Lille, then again from Lille to Paris. The last two weeks of December were pretty horrible! Being sick with a fever didn't help, either - but it's all behind us now.

What else? Well, I just finished a huge chunk of work, and am now allowed to take a break. My first break in two years! As soon as my office/sewing room is furnished and my sewing boxes unpacked, I plan to sew lots. This is the only room that isn't about ready, as we don't have furniture for it yet, and it is driving me a little crazy.
As for the rest - I can't see how 2009 could not be better than 2008.

Many thanks to all of you who sent Christmas cards... I haven't so much as opened them yet - and they're in one of the yet unopened boxes that go into my office/sewing room... Yet just receiving them and seeing your names on the envelopes, made me smile through the move. Merci !
Thank you also to Shashi and Doris, who sent packages... I was already away, but they're safe, and I'll get to open them eventually. Thank you so much!
I shall be sending cards the French way this year - during the month of January, for New Year wishes. :)

P'tite Mignonne AKA Miss Cutie felt at home the second she came out of her box. It was so... strange! She has been such a trooper all along. She is now thriving, and super cuddly as always.

Thank goodness the regulations about bringing pets to the UK have relaxed somewhat... although, we have been busy getting her ready for almost a year! Nothing could be more worth the effort, though. There is no way I am ever leaving this cat behind. Ever.

Bonne année, tout le monde !