Saturday, February 14, 2009

Another Burda Wrap Top

Burda World of Fashion January 2008, # 116

I don't have anything more to say about this top than the first time around, really, so the pictures will do the talking. I have a feeling this top will be getting a lot of wear!

(Apologies for the pictures' blurriness... The sun was about to set.)

The cotton knit is a souvenir from Amsterdam. The skirt dates from before my sewing years; it is one of the very rare ready-to-wear clothes I still wear, because I just love the details in it.
(No, I don't care it's out of fashion. I wear what makes me feel cute, full stop.)

I realized this week that I could totally wear skirts despite the cold, if I layered nylon and woolen tights. So, I've been wearing skirts all week, and a skirt is next on my must-sew list.
This skirt is just the same length as my silver lining coat, which means it acts as a petticoat under it. Let me tell you, I love the feeling!

Thank you so very much for your enthusiastic response to the coat. I still owe you a post with more detailed pictures. I'm back in full swing work-wise, though, so it may take just a little while.
I also made Vogue 8534 last week, so you can expect a post about this one, too. :)

Wishing you all a lovely weekend!


Jennifer/OH said...

Although I always love the photos of the clothing, the view of you with your cute kitty is my favorite photo! I too could wear skirts all the time, if my job would allow it. Not so easy to do gymnastics in a skirt!!

Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

The top is very pretty. However, those skirts are back in style...boho chic, hippie power are titles I've seen tossed around regarding your skirt.

Vicki W said...

The top is very flattering and the skirt is very stylish - keep wearing it!

Sigrid said...

I love the top and made it twice last year. It's very good with the skirt.
And what a beautiful coat! Will have kept you warm in London in the snow.

Lori said...

Very cute top, it looks great on you.

willowsmum said...

I love that you have your own style and you are not bothered about what anyone says....anyway, you look fabulous.

Tini said...

The wrap top ist so cute and the skirt is great with it. I really don't care about fashion when it comes to skirts. I really have the feeling that skirts are classics no matter the style!

Karoline said...

The top is gorgeous, congratulations

mainely stitching said...

You look MAHvelous! :D

When I drop about a kazillion kilos and make it back to my ideal (pre-pregnancy) weight, I'm hiring you as my clothing consultant. Seriously!

Shashi Nayagam said...

The top is beautiful Isabelle. Love your skirt too. I have a similar one but can't wear it at the moment as the fabric is too thin to wear this time of the year. Hope you are enjoying your days in London.

Sharon said...

Your top is beautiful! I really like the wrap tops.

lasandrou said...

Ce haut te va vraiment bien! Tu me donnes envie de le réaliser :-)
Ton manteau est magnifique, bravo !

craftyprofessor said...

I also found this winter -- in Chicago -- the wonder of woolen tights. The skirt and top look great!

Lisbei said...

Hello my dear friend !
You're right, you look very cute in this skirt and with this lovely top. Oh, and with the cat to match, of course ...
You'got a little "secret garden" in your new flat ?
Big hugs from France !

Dénia said...

Tu es toute jlie dans ton haut. Et P'tite Mignonne est adorable aussi.
Vous aimez bien votre vie à Londres?
Gros bisous

Summerset said...

Cute! Obviously you and your lovely kitty are enjoying the new space you have.

jali said...

Beautiful top! You look great in the whole outfit and that's fashion right there. Your coat is very nice and can will get you stylishly through many a cold winter.

Tracy said...

Very pretty top, Isabelle! Very the wrap & tie style. And it goes great with the tiered skirt. I'm like you...I wear something forever if I love it. I'm no good with fashion--LOL! Hope you, Seb & Miss Cutie had a sweet Valentine Weekend...((HUGS))

mavalca said...

Ça y est, tu as récupéré ta minette? La quarantaine n'a pas été trop dure?

Et, comme d'habitude, tes travaux d'aiguilles sont superbes! J'aime beaucoup le manteau, dans une de mes couleurs favorites en plus!!

A très bientôt, n'hésite pas à venir nous faire un coucou chez les minéralettes, je crois que tu nous manques à toutes!!

J'espère que tout va bien pour toi...
Je pense bien à toi et te fais de gros bisous!!

Tany said...

It's a great top and you look SO beautiful!!!!
Big kiss and hug all the way from a sunny yet cold Portugal!

Nancy W. said...

I have a very similar skirt, also store bought. It is now too big for me, but I plan to alter it (I hate altering) to fit. It is absolutely my favorite and I plan to make a couple in the same style for this summer! The BWOF top looks great with it.

Berry said...

I agree with wearing what makes you feel cute and go for skirts in winter. Your wrap top is great!

Cindy said...

Hi, Saw your blog on

Love your cat! Your other things as well!


Susan said...

What a great top. I'm making a wrap top now, too. Haven't tried the Burda version, yet.

Lisbei said...

Hello my dear friend,
I hope you're having a nice week, despite the weather (pray don't tell me you've got sun in London, cause here it's rather greyish...).
Big kisses and a hugh to little Miss Fluffy !

Summerset said...

I've left an award for you on my blog (yes your pretty kitty is included, too!). Enjoy!

Karen said...

Summerset beat me to it, but now you have two awards to collect. I know - you can give one to Miss Kitty for being so cute!

Felicity said...

I love the whole outfit. Great to see that you are putting on some weight at last. You look so much healthier just a bit fatter - and less tired. England must be doing you good.

brodstitch said...

Je suis passée,non seulement pour admirer mais aussi pour t'inviter à venir faire la fête avec moi dès demain à la première heure :o) et tu peux amener toutes tes copines!

sandra santos said...

A verdadeira amizade nos ajuda a
superar os momentos difíceis.*♥* *♥*

Ela é o refresco para uma alma cansada
e o farol que ilumina
os momentos escuros de nossa vida.
*♥* *♥*
Por isso um amigo
é um dos tesouros mais valiosos
que podemos encontrar.*♥* *♥*

Desejo que seu caminho se

abra para a felicidade, por onde você passar.*♥* *♥*

*♥* *♥*
E se por ventura, você encontrar espinhos

nesse caminho, retire-os com sabedoria e

plante nele a semente do amor.
beijossssssss *♥* *♥*

*♥* *♥*
Quando perseguimos um
grande sonho com determinação,
tudo o que parece impossível
pode acontecer de repente.*♥* *♥*

Te desejo tudo de bom... *♥* *♥*

josy26 said...

Il y a bien longtemps que je ne suis passée te voir ..;et je vois que tu ne postes plus ! comment vas tu ? que se passe t il ? tu ne couds plus ? cela m'etonnerai fort ... j'espère que ce n'est qu'un manque de temps .
Bisous .

brodstitch said...

un petit passage pour te souhaiter de très bonnes Fêtes de Pâques.

lena-lou said...

Happy Easter Isabelle :)
Hope things are OK for you !