Sunday, January 25, 2009

More temptation!

Hello, everyone!
I hope this finds you all well, and that you had/are having a lovely weekend.
Mine went well! Melissa and I met up yesterday - Melissa and her friend Anwen kindly (or is it maliciously?) showed me around Goldhawk Road, AKA the fabric hub in London. Wow. Now, I know what a fabric neighbourhood can look like - I lived in Paris for 8 years, so seeing a whole street devoted to fabric stores was nothing new - but the huge difference is that most fabrics offered on Goldhaw Road are for garment sewing - not home dec as around the Sacré-Coeur. Also, the contents are clearly labelled... and the fabrics feel like seriously good quality. (Oh, and they let you fondle the fabric, too! Something new to me.) As Melissa remarked, there probably wasn't a single fabric type that we did not get to see.
It's also, ah, only half an hour from my home. Friends, I am doomed!

I was good though, and only got what I needed, not wanted: a silk print to line my coat, and some sturdy fabric to cover the settee in our flat. The settee is white, and belongs to the flat's owners, which freaks me out.
I know a silk lining sounds absurdly luxurious, but it was actually less expensive than polyester lining in Paris, so hey.

This was such a fun morning - thanks Melissa! Looking forward to our next time together :)
When I came home after the shopping, my coat pattern was waiting for me in the post. Timely! I cut out the coat and lining today. This princess-seamed coat is going to be a lot of work, but it'll be worth it.
More on this soon, that's for sure! The sooner I can wear this coat, the better.

Have a good week, everyone!


Ann's Fashion Studio said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful time. It's always nice when someone can show you around a new place!
Look forward to seeing your coat :)

Anwen said...

Ooh, I do like the coat pattern, I love a nice swishy-skirted coat! And as for absurdly luxurious, well, surely that's the point of making your own things! ;)

Oh, I made a blog:

ViRginiE said...

Rhôôooo, tu me donnes envie!!!

Sigrid said...

How lovely to meet a fellow blogger in London. I'll check Goldhawk road next time I'll be in London (probably this year!)

melissa said...

oh yay! What perfect timing that your pattern was waiting for you!! I've just got to get all my photos online before I share my purchases. Again this week I've found myself with too much to post about! :)

Arlene said...

You are so lucky! I love that coat-can't wait to see it finished.