Wednesday, December 03, 2008

A big move (and a sewing update!)

No, I'm not talking about moving blogs; even though this blog has been shamefully neglected, it is staying in its cosy little corner - and should get a new life once I feel settled again.
I'm talking about us moving houses... and not merely moving houses: moving countries.

Miss Cutie, Seb and I are moving to London at the end of the month... for a yet indeterminate period of time. We found an adorable flat in zone 2 - with a little garden for Miss Cutie! And a second room that Seb immediately labelled as my home office/sewing room. I never needed asking. And, I should at last have less work. The year to come should be much happier than the last.

All this may help you understand why I haven't updated my blog since before the PhD defence (which apparently was a success, by the way - since I am now Dr Izzy!). I felt shattered for a few weeks after the defence, and we've also had loads to deal with, what with Seb's moving back from Amsterdam, our looking for a place in London, and everything. And my usual beloved teaching, of course.

It's not that I've stopped sewing - since my last update, I've made a dress, a couple of tops, am halfway though a skirt and another dress. It's just that I haven't had the energy to take pictures, blog about it, and all that. Not to mention that taking pictures in the winter is always a challenge that tends to put me off. I loathe artificial lighting. So, I have a long backlog of projects to document and review...
I got brave tonight though, and took pictures of my latest top as I came home from work wearing it - this is my third take of Simplicity 4020.
This top was not part of any plan. I was cutting out Vogue 8489 in this fabric (this is the current dress in progress), and realized I might have just enough extra fabric for a top - I foraged through my pattern collection, and out came my trusty old Simplicity 4020. I had to add a center back seam to the bottom part of the bodice, but I managed to position the print so that the seam could hardly be noticed.
I also managed to cut the top back-and-sleeve so that the black wavy line was continuous from one sleeve to the other.
I also made the sleeves shorter to fit them onto the fabric.

Here is how I was wearing the top to work today - it's gotten very cold in Paris, so I like layering :)

A highlight to the past month, which happens to be sewing-related, was meeting Trena again when she came to Paris for work. We had a lovely, albeit way too short evening together. She was, as ever, dressed adorably.
Trena, by the way, managed to diagnose my dressform as too big at a single glance.
(This should, and may be the topic of a whole article, but I saw that smaller ("petite") dressforms were manufactured in England; so I may lend or resell my current dressform and get a new one once I'm in London.)

In closing, I would like to thank Julie for her presence over the past few months. Julie and I have been meeting almost weekly at my home for sewing bees. It has been wonderful. Do go see her very first dress on her blog - she even wrote a bilingual post for you!
I'll leave you with a confession: I may enjoy teaching sewing almost as much as literature. Which is saying quite something!

Sorry for the long post... Believe you me, I've made this as short as I could ;)
Signed: Dr. Izzy :)