Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A Vogue Outfit

I know I look slightly cranky on the pictures. Taking a picture, with my tripod, that will include my entire legs and possibly my feet while being at eye level, is a nightmare in my narrow room. This is the best I could do.
Oh, and I took the pictures after a long day, so the pants are a little creased... ;)

I made the top 10 days ago. Took me 45 minutes from cutting the pattern to serging the seams. It's the top from Vogue wardrobe 2925; I made it from a 50-cm remnant I got from Bouchara for a couple of euros. I have been wearing it every other day since I made it, if not more often, provided it dries overnight from the washing.

The pants are Vogue 8372. I took a break from work while I was at my parents' and took advantage of the wonderful space there (my bedroom there is the size of my current flat in Paris) to cut 3 patterns and cut out a pair of pants and a top. The top I haven't dealt with yet, but given the weather forecast I set aside Sylvie's dress for later, and worked on the pants on Sunday and Monday night.
The pants may be a bit too big, though. They're supposed to sit at the waist, but they sit on my hips instead. It also means they're longer than I intended them to be. Dammit. I'm still working my way through Vogue's sizing.
I do like their style, with the two pleats at the front. The wide, wide legs may be a bit too much on my short frame (and I can't wear heels)... but well, they're a little different from my usual pants. What do you guys think?

I swear to you guys, I'll be back soon with a review of the Burda spring coat... I just need a little time to write a proper review.

Monday, May 12, 2008

The Squiggly Dress (AKA Simplicity 3744)

So, I came back home tonight from a delicious moment with Karen and Trena (delicious in every way - but we'll say more on that later), and I realized I just wasn't up to working right after this. I just couldn't shut down in my mind the lovely conversation that we'd just had, and wanted to complete the moment with a little bit of sewing. Besides, I just thought, you know, that I might be much more efficient tomorrow in a cute new dress ;)

So, here is my little Squiggly Dress - Simplicity 3744, from a navy cotton embroidered with white squiggles.
Sewed in half a Sunday afternoon, hemmed tonight:
Ultra-quick review:
The dress went together like a charm, especially as this nifty little pattern is designed for B, C, and D cups. This means that instead of fiddling with the pattern pieces, cutting a 6 in the back, a 10 in the front and tapering the 10 to a 6 at the waist, I was able to cut a 6 all around with a C cup, and it fit straight on. It could do with a little tapering at the waist, but I also think it's cute as it is.

I used - gasp - a tapestry needle and white perlé to "embroider" the neckline, princess seams, and hem, with a running stitch.
I lowered the neckline from a couple of centimeters, to make the dress less strict. I like the look of a widish neckline on a shift dress.
I ditched the pockets, alas, because the pouch on the stomach seemed... an unnecessary extra, shall we say? The ironic thing is, I chose this pattern because of its pockets; but I hadn't realized these were on the stomach, not at the side. I mean, hello? Who would want a bulging shift dress? The beauty of a shift dress, to me, is in its fluid lines.

As I was making progress yesterday, I really wasn't sure I liked the dress, until I did the running stitches and decided that it was cute after all. What do you all think? Honestly?

One big, nagging question though: is it too short? I would really appreciate your advice here.
You see, friends, I'm not used to wearing such short dresses, and have therefore a hard time deciding if it remains classy and acceptable as it is. Why did I make it shorter than usual? Well, I won't be able to wear heels before months (my left foot needs operating on, which is nothing serious or urgent, but requires me to wear comfortable shoes all the time, or it becomes painful). I decided to make the dress slightly shorter than usual to help elongate the figure a little since I am so short, and because I thought the dress might be a little too severe if it were longer AND I wore it with flats.
What do you guys think? The hem is 6 cm deep (more than 2 inches) right now, so it can easily be altered.
I have almost decided to let the hem down a bit, because I might not feel comfortable otherwise (especially as I'm thinking of wearing it to my conference on Friday), but I would be grateful to hear your views ladies :)

(sorry the pictures are taken with the flash on - they also needed a bit of lightening up -, but it's 10 pm and I knew that it could take me weeks to blog about this if it wasn't done in the spur of the moment. ;) )

Carol and Doris both sent me adorable gifts for my birthday, but these do need the daylight to be photographed properly. You can already see Carol's gift on her blog - it is so beautiful. Thanks and merci to you both!!

Off to organize my files and thoughts for tomorrow's writing session ;)
Have a good night/day, everyone!