Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A Vogue Outfit

I know I look slightly cranky on the pictures. Taking a picture, with my tripod, that will include my entire legs and possibly my feet while being at eye level, is a nightmare in my narrow room. This is the best I could do.
Oh, and I took the pictures after a long day, so the pants are a little creased... ;)

I made the top 10 days ago. Took me 45 minutes from cutting the pattern to serging the seams. It's the top from Vogue wardrobe 2925; I made it from a 50-cm remnant I got from Bouchara for a couple of euros. I have been wearing it every other day since I made it, if not more often, provided it dries overnight from the washing.

The pants are Vogue 8372. I took a break from work while I was at my parents' and took advantage of the wonderful space there (my bedroom there is the size of my current flat in Paris) to cut 3 patterns and cut out a pair of pants and a top. The top I haven't dealt with yet, but given the weather forecast I set aside Sylvie's dress for later, and worked on the pants on Sunday and Monday night.
The pants may be a bit too big, though. They're supposed to sit at the waist, but they sit on my hips instead. It also means they're longer than I intended them to be. Dammit. I'm still working my way through Vogue's sizing.
I do like their style, with the two pleats at the front. The wide, wide legs may be a bit too much on my short frame (and I can't wear heels)... but well, they're a little different from my usual pants. What do you guys think?

I swear to you guys, I'll be back soon with a review of the Burda spring coat... I just need a little time to write a proper review.