Thursday, March 13, 2008

The dress won't play - so here's a top

OK. The red dress refuses to cooperate today. I suspect that the fabric's sheen, combined with the late hour, is getting my camera all puzzled and lost (and that my camera is getting old... sigh).
My two tops, however, took more kindly to the camera. They are both cut from interesting prints, both of a nifty design, and were both easy to make.

For today, here is my favourite - Summerset's top.

(Jenna, recognize those earrings? I still love wearing them :))

The pattern is from the January issue of Burda magazine (#116). Back in January, Summerset kindly offered to trace it for me when I admired her own version; she also sent me a satiny jersey that was just perfect for this top (along with lots of other thoughtful gifts, too!).

I cannot say much else about the pattern than has already been said... It's a clever design and comes together easily.
Since I started this at a time when I was in a frenzy, I finished the edges with a rolled hem on my serger to speed up the process (you could also do this on a sewing machine, with a satin stitch = a narrow zigzag stitch).
The body section's neckline is elasticized, so that it doesn't gape. Looking at the pictures, though, I realize that a bit of elastic along the ties around the neck may not be a bad idea either, as it has a tendency to curl outwards. Another proof that blogging definitely improves our sewing skills!

Summerset's fabric is deliciously smooth against the skin, and I adore wearing this top. For work, I layer a black tee underneath for modesty (and extra warmth!). On weekends and evenings, I wear it on its own. This top has become my new favourite in my wardrobe.