Wednesday, January 23, 2008

So I set in a sleeve...

And there was no looking back.
Boy, don't I look smug. What can I say. I had just set in the sleeves and was feeling happy!

Thanks very much to everyone who gave their opinion! I just loved reading your comments; and thank you for being so many to vote!
I guess this one was meant to have sleeves. But, as several of you suggested, I might totally make another one sans sleeves, for summer. Great idea!

Top on its own (unlayered).
Sorry I look tousled and wan and all - I was (am!) on my way to bed.

I'll hem the top and snip the dangling threads ASAP (I do want to wear it soon!), and then post better pictures and a review for you.

Sorry for making this quick and dirty, but it is late and I need to get up real early tomorrow.
Good night, everyone! Thanks again.

(Désolée, pas d'article en français ce soir... Il est trop tard et je vais me coucher ! De toute façon, les photos se suffisent sans doute à elles-mêmes. :) Merci beaucoup à celles d'entre vous qui m'ont donné leur avis sur les manches ! :) )

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Simplicity 4022 - Sleeve or No Sleeve?

English version: click here -> Version française: cliquez ici ->

Hello, friends.
Thank you very much for your words and thoughts. What would I do without you? Thank you. :)

In between nursing a very sick companion, I took a much welcome break in my work this weekend and played with Simplicity 4022.
I am/was planning on making the same view that the model is wearing, with the bell sleeves. The fabric I'm using is a black and white Liberty lawn, very lightweight:

I only need to prepare and set in the sleeves and hem the top... But it turns out I'm undecided about the sleeves. When I tried the blouse for a last fitting before setting in the sleeves, Seb said it was cute as a sleeveless blouse.

(the top isn't hemmed yet and I'm not sure how long I want it to be).

By the way, I am wearing it here with my new Plain and Simple Everyday Pants (by Hot Patterns). I will photograph and review those properly as soon as I get my act together and hem them! I just felt more like starting a new fun project this weekend to refresh my mind.

The advantage to the sleeveless version is that I can wear the top in the summer, and layer it in colder weather, like here:
(I think I like it better layered over a top!)
Of course, I could (and would definitely) layer the top even if it had sleeves. But the sleeveless top might be more versatile.

Personally, I love the bell sleeves and am still thinking adding them might be the best option. I'm thinking the top would be classier and more distinctive with the sleeves. But Seb's remark made me waver, so I would be interested in your opinion. If you feel so inclined, please vote below. Thank you! :)

PS: I took these pictures with my self-timer, and used a tripod for the first time. My tripod is my new best friend!

Bonjour à tou(te)s. :)
Ce week-end, j'ai joué avec Simplicity 4022.
J'ai/j'avais l'intention de faire le même modèle que sur la photo, avec les manches pagodes. J'utilise un Liberty tout léger en noir et blanc :

A priori, il ne me reste qu'à faire et monter les manches et ourler le bas du corsage... Mais finalement je suis un peu indécise concernant les manches. Quand j'ai fait un dernier essayage avant de monter les manches, Seb m'a dit que le corsage était joli aussi sans manches.

(le corsage n'est pas encore ourlé, je ne suis pas encore sûre de la longueur que je veux lui donner).

Au fait, le pantalon que je porte est fait à partir du patron "Plain and Simple Everyday Pants"(Hot Patterns). J'écrirai un article à part quand j'aurai enfin ourlé le bord !

L'avantage de la version sans manches est que je pourrais porter le corsage en été, mais aussi quand il fait plus frais, avec un haut noir en dessous :

Personnellement, j'adore les manches pagodes et je me dis que le corsage serait plus chic et moins commun si je les rajoutais. Mais la remarque de Seb me fait hésiter. Alors je me demande ce que vous en pensez, vous :) Vous pouvez voter ci-dessous si vous en avez envie. Merci ! :)

PS: J'ai pris toutes ces photos avec mon minuteur (comme je dois souvent le faire maintenant que je vis seule la plupart du temps) et en utilisant un trépied pour la première fois. Celui-ci me change la vie !