Thursday, October 02, 2008

Winter Vogues are up!

And their collection this season is rich and varied.
My (few) dislikes:
This reminds me of Princess Leia - not exactly in a good way:

Please tell me this is actually maternity wear? The colour is glorious, though.
And it would make a lovely maternity outfit.

Oh dear.

(not that the design is bad, mind you - that is, if you manage to tear yourself off from the disco ball trauma)

Likes - in ascending order

This is interesting and very couture - although I'd never have the guts to wear it.

This makes me wish I had a more glamorous social life.
Would you know of anyone willing to take me to cocktails?

Fantastic coat and colour

Superb outfit

Adorable little dress

This is even more adorable and I'm adding it to my wishlist
(although I own more than enough Vogue dress patterns as it is)

This took my breath away.

Must. Have. This.

What's your pick, ladies (and Paco!)?


Shashi Nayagam said...

Dear Isabelle, so good to see your posts and what you have been sewing and as always I often wonder why no designer has snapped you up. All such gorgeous patterns which would look beautiful on someone with a lovely figure. I love the last one the best and the coat is beautiful too

Anonymous said...

I took the liberty to award you a prize - go and grab it :-)

Andrea said...

I took the liberty to award you a prize - go and grab it :-)

Browser made a jump - sorry!

Sigrid said...

Like your choices. I didn't yet have a look at all there is, but certainly think the second is maternity style. Like the coat and suit especially, but the coat is too young for me.

Tracy said...

Hi, Isabelle! Your likes are splendid...Many of them suit my own taste too. I like a tailored look, simple silhouettes and classic elegant never goes out of style and is always in season! That little black dress at the end is my very fave too, as is the little beige suit ;o) Thanks for sharing! Happy weekend ((HUGS))

Toby Wollin said...

The vogue 8529(third from the bottom) is my number one choice to make. I do think this is their knockoff of the Michelle Obama turquoise dress (Maria Pinto). That one was supposedly made from double faced wood(at least that is what the descriptions I have read actually said - I thought double faced wood was coat weight..), but my plan is to make this from double knit.

verobirdie said...

Oh that is a difficult choice.
No sure they would fit me, but I like the three before last best.
Are you going to sew one?

Dénia said...

Coucou! Ce sont de très jolis habites que tu as choisis! Tu vas vraiment te les faire?? Trop forte!
Gros bisous

Isabelle said...

Non non ma belle, c'est juste la nouvelle collection qui est sortie ! Je n'ai encore rien acheté, j'attends les promotions ;) Gros bisous :)

lasandrou said...

Alors en premier, je choisirais l'ensemble beige, ( j'adore !), ensuite, je prendrais le bustier ( c'est le genre de chose que j'ai envie de coudre même si pareil je ne pense pas que je le porterais) et pour finir l'avant-dernier modèle ( j'aime beaucoup la construction du haut, mais bon ça m'étonnerais que ce modèle soit aussi "very easy" qu'ils le prétendent...
Quand je serais plus grande, eh bien, je saurais coudre des patrons vogue :-))

Melody said...

My personal favorite is V8532.

EILEEN said...

Well I loved the Princess Leia dress only because it is so out there.My favorite is 2nd from the bottom. At least Vogue tries something a little different than the other top 3.

Jill in CA said...

Your new top is gorgeous!! My favorites of the new patterns are the light-colored suit that you labelled the "Superb outfit" and the dress at the bottom (your "Must have"). They are both lovely and very classy. The "disco ball trauma" is just too much though! Who uses metallic fabric anymore like that?

Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

But I like the back soooo much on the DKNY pattern...I can see it made up in a soft wool crepe and with a pair of slim legged pants or a sheath dress under it. It would be amazing!!

Tracey said...

I agree with most of your picks except for the fact that the Princess Leia dress is my absolute most favorite. Now I will have to make and see if I can change your mind about it LOL. By the way, I really like the black top you made. What type of fabric did you use?

Clau! said...

I like the V1076..
Where do you get those patterns, I´m new in this :P

Isabelle said...

Clau, it all depends where you live! Most of the time I buy mine directly from the Vogue website, when there is a sale.

Catherine Michèle said...

Allo Isabelle!!! Moi aussi j'adore le tailleur gris (que j'ai déjà commandé d'ailleurs). La petite robe noir (dernière image) te conviendrait tout à fait! Je l'aimerais beaucoup pour moi-même, mais disons que je n'ai pas le gabarit requis :-) J'ai bien hâte de voir ce que tu vas créer à partir de ses patrons!!!!!

margi said...

I really like the blue version of the Very Easy Vogue dress under your likes.