Friday, September 14, 2007

The Indémodable Dress

Bonjour, everyone!

You've probably noticed by now that I love giving a name to each dress I make. I called that one L'Indémodable. A Little Black Dress can never go out of fashion, right?
I made this dress last spring, actually - in April, I believe. I have worn it several times since then, but until yesterday evening, either I kept forgetting to review it, or, when I remembered, Seb was too busy to take pictures. I needed Seb's collaboration, because that dress is too fitted in the back to go on my dressform (which was the smallest sized dressform I could find in Europe... An endless subject of frustration, trust me! I mean, come on! it's not as if my frame was abnormally small, is it. Ah well.)

The pattern is New Look 6643, and I give it an A+! (Can you tell classes begin soon? I'm smack in the middle of planning my course for the next half semester)

The dress went together very smoothly and quickly, and since I'm used to the New Look patterns, I knew exactly what size alterations to make. Here, I cut an 8 for the front and a 6 for the back; and I didn't need to change a thing from there. That dress fits like a glove while being very comfortable.

The fabric is a 3-metre cut I got at a sale last year in a Paris store. They were selling 3-metre cuts of "clothing fabric" for 6€. I believe this is a poly-cotton blend. I'm making a pair of pants with the leftover fabric.

This is an easy pattern, but I did learn a new technique with it: creating a back vent. The explanations were very clear. You can see the vent on the side picture (we forgot to take a picture of the back!).

I would love to make that dress again in a Liberty print for next spring.
I love that dress - I always feel elegant and at ease when wearing it, which is saying a lot as I have a critical self-image (who hasn't), especially when it comes to clothes I've made. The V-neck makes it different from the other sheath dresses I own - and from most RTW sheath dresses as well. Another neat feature is the fact that the shoulders are slightly off, oblique rather than straight. It is a discreet, yet graceful detail.

The shoes are new :)
Although I made the dress last spring, I am incorporating it into my autumn wardrobe (especially now that summer has finally reached Paris... 3 months late!). I have been planning a wardrobe for the cold season in black/anthracite and white, with just a touch of colour. I finished sewing another black (knit) dress last week, and there's a pair of black pants in the making, as well - after that, there'll be a blouse and a skirt. Then, we'll see. :)

I'm attending a conference in Italy next week and I'll definitely be wearing that dress. The challenge, as always, shall be to keep it free from kitty hair!
Trust me, friends, with this ball of fluffiness, that is a never-ending challenge.
I thankfully welcome any tip on efficiently removing kitty hair from a garment! :)