Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Please help me choose a shrug/stole

Thank you very much for all your positive comments about the dress's lining. I did a lot of work on it since the last post, and objectively it is finished... Except it isn't, at all. ;) More on that some other time. :)

I need to make something to wear over the dress at church and in case it gets chilly later in the day. In my pattern stash, I have 2 patterns for shrug or cropped jackets. But I could also make a stole instead.

It would be wonderful if you could all help me with your preference here, so I created a poll for it.
Here are the jacket/shrug choices:

1. Simplicity 3867:

ETA: The effect would be similar to those:

(I made the top from Simpl. 3867 a couple of weeks ago, and it turned out pretty nice - that is a great pattern ensemble)

Simplicity 4310:

Two options here:
2. view B with the ruffled sleeves, or
3. with straight sleeves as in view A (but I wouldn't be making the collar).
In either case, I would be making the jacket shorter, so as to match the dress's empire waist.

4. A simple stole, as in the dress's original pattern
(New Look 6318)

In any case, I'll be using white taffeta... or pale blue crepe, according to the dress's final version. (Obvisouly, the weight and look of taffeta vs. crepe are very different, so that would also be influenced by the choice of cover-up.)

So, please, friends, vote away - there's also an "Other" option where you can type in another idea/pattern, should you feel so inclined :)

Thank you so much everyone :)