Sunday, February 25, 2007

Sweet Liberty

Hi everyone!
Dear Shashi gently reminded me that I hadn't mentioned yet the Liberty fabric I bought in London last month. :) I was fortunate enough to visit the Liberty store while their winter sale was on. Many of their fabrics were 50% off!
Here is the loot - funny how it features all my favourite shades of blue.
All the fabrics are lawn.

The two fabrics to the left are special. I wanted a 3-metre cut for a full-skirted dress, but I couldn't decide between those two - and couldn't see myself purchasing both. Seb told me he'd buy me one of them, so I could have both! I was speechless. He chose the dotted one. That'll become a special dress for sure.

The third fabric from the left was purchased at Shaukat, which sells Liberty remnants at reduced prices. It's a 1.5-metre cut and I know exactly what I'll do with it. I made a really cute little black dress 2 weeks ago (New Look 6643, which turned out much cuter than on their envelope - pictures ASAP!), and now I've done all the tweaking to make it really fit, I won't be afraid of using Liberty to make another. That'll definitely be one of my most-worn dresses this spring!

I'm not sure yet what I'll make with the fourth, which is a smaller cut, but I just couldn't pass those birds. ;)
Shaukat also had £-1 fat-quarters, which is how I got the red print I used for Ann's scented sachets.

Thank you for your well-wishes; I feel totally fine today! Yesterday's Mass went really well, and I'm so happy to be "seriously" singing again. You'll laugh, but confessing to you that I used to sing a lot in another life played a part in my finally getting over my shyness and offering my services to the church. I'm deeply happy to have added that new dimension to my life again - singing, and serving.

To show you just how little I've stitched this week, here is my paltry progress on the Petites Maisons SAL:

Pathetic, eh? ;)

Hope you're all having a great weekend! Ours has been busy, and happy. My parents came over to bring us some furniture we bought at Ikea's in Lille last week (they slept at my sister's and we went there with brioches for breakfast this morning!). Our flat is just perfect now, and I feel, amazingly, that I've managed to create a real sewing atelier in one corner of our 45-m² flat. I'll try and take pictures when everything is really nice and tidy. :) As a result, I haven't touched a needle yet, but at least I know I'll be so much happier the next time I do :)