Thursday, October 19, 2006

A medley of gifties

Thank you so much for your compliments about the dress...
You really help me build up confidence and thus continue challenging myself!

I can't wait to start making my coat, but first, here are a few things I made more or less recently...
First, two new additions to my nephew Robin's things, still in the animal theme, since this the theme for his room and clothes.
A fleece blanket (150x115 cm), cut and serged in a jiffy
(hurray for fleece!)

The blanket is off-white, but the spools I have for my serger are either white or black... I was afraid that the white would not make a pretty contrast to the blankie, so to compromise, I used the sable spool I'd bought for my ruchéd blouse for the upper looper, which resulted in a decorative effect and muted the "whiteness" of the three other threads.

And here's another stitched bib... This one took two evenings although the previous bibs only took one; but my stitching evenings are rather on the short side at the moment; and anyway, what can it matter? That bib is my favourite... Doesn't that variegated thread (Anchor 1302) makes the kitty look like Little Miss Cutie? (she's gray, cream and pinkish-red).

Free design found here...
Thanks to Anne's suggestion, thanks Anne!!

And a swathe (swaddle? This is just something to lay the baby on while changing his nappy)
with a little frog:

Finally, here are two small pieces I stitched last time I visited my parents, 3 weeks ago. We celebrated my father's and younger sister's birthday then and those were extra gifties for them. They were actually my first two projects for the "stitching smalls October". Both are freebies from Brittercup Designs; I started stitching them in the train to Lille, and finished them up while chatting with my mother in the kitchen, as she was making soup (a treasured moment!).
For my sister Hélène, a small kitty in her Choupette's colours:
Stitched with GAST in Soot

For my Dad, a dog in our P'tite Chienne's colours
(she and my Dad have a special bond )
Stitched with a Vicki Clayton silk.

The whole family is gathering again at my parents' this weekend. This is pretty close from our last time together, but it'll probably be the last time when neither of us has acquired the Mama/Auntie/Uncle/Grandparent status yet! Not that we're nostalgic of that, far from it - but things will definitely not be the same once little Robin is born...
Hope everyone is having a good week.

Monday, October 16, 2006

The Plum Dress

My brother and I visited little Sis yesterday afternoon, and she'd asked me to wear my new dress. When I arrived she picked up the camera and took a few pictures to send to our Mom - but that was also quite useful for my blog!

Obviously Hélène had me pose like that on the second photo... Just for fun. However, it actually shows the line of the dress better - and the bow at the back, which is why I did post it. ;) At least you can see how seeing my sister always makes me smile!!

The dress has a side zipper. The fabric is a fine corduroy (what we call milleraies in French, as the ribbing is very narrow). You can find more details on the pattern (New Look 6615) here.

Since Little Sis didn't take any picture of the back, here's one with the dress on my dressform.

And this one's just to show you that Fall is coming to Paris,
despite the amazingly warm temperatures and sunny weather:

Miss Choupette has been growing in size...
and calmness!

(although she is definitely not always so well-behaved...)

A little Birthday Fairy left Paris for Pennsylvania today... She might be a bit late though - that's because she's also become an Auntie Fairy... Ah well, hopefully she'll manage to get there on time !

Monday, October 09, 2006

Sable Blouse, Plum Dress

Hi everyone!
First of all, thank you for your kind, sweet, fun and witty, comments on the previous post!
I hope you all had a nice weekend. :)

Some of you might remember the blouse I'd started before I came down with strep throat. There were still the sleeves and cuffs to make up and attach, and the bottom hem. What with being sick and spending last weekend at my parents', I hadn't had a chance to go back to it until Friday evening; I finished it on Saturday afternoon.
New Look 6513, view B

This blouse did require a bit of work and focus, with its long ruffles and above all the crinkled fabric, banning ironing of any kind... This made the cutting and sewing process much fussier - I had to be careful not to flatten out the creases while laying the pattern pieces on the fabric, and yet still cut out pieces that had the required shape; besides, I couldn't press the seams open or mark the hems with the iron (and all those ruffles meant lots of long hems). What can I say - I'd really fallen in love with that fabric - and it was very reasonably priced too! (cf. end of this post). I guess this is actually the colour called isabella or isabelline (isabelle in French).

This was also the first time I was making a blouse, but the process was truly enjoyable - and I must confess I am happy with the result. Those frilly blouses are very fashionable in France this season - and while I'm far from a fashion addict, well, when the current fashion is to my taste, I do enjoy following it! I made this blouse to go with my chocolate trousers and skirt (I also have a purchased pair of brown pinstripe trousers).

I really like that New Look pattern 6513... I'll definitely make view C one day - the one with the ribbons and the flounced sleeves. What a pity Liberty fabric is so darn expensive, or that'd be a perfect choice!


I also had a dress pattern dilemma this weekend. It all started with my mother questioning the choice of the pattern I'd earmarked for a fabric I bought at Lille last weekend (New Look 6615). I didn't want to bore you to death with that whole question, since most of you are interested in embroidery rather than sewing, so I asked my French readers instead.

After lots of pondering, and thanks to my sewing friends' advice, I finally kept to my initial pattern idea - only I chose the sleeveless model vs. the long-sleeved one.
I was still not totally sure I'd made the right decision, as the pattern required light fabrics, but I wanted a fall/winter dress.

I cut out the dress on Saturday...

... and actually sewed it all up in one afternoon yesterday!
I haven't had a chance to take pictures yet, but this dress turned out an absolute cutie and I have abolutely no regrets.

I do have a stitching update to post too - following Karen's example, I've decided to make October (and probably November, too) a month of quick stitches. More on that soon!
Have a great week everyone!