Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Meet my new flatmate!

My parents' birthday gift finally arrived! We had ordered it weeks and weeks ago, but a delivery mistake on the part of the supplier caused a two-week delay.

This should become a very handy twin - it should spare me many a pin prick, and save me lots of time whenever I do the fitting on a new garment.
(you also get a very untidy view of some of my soft toys... one of Violette's favourite games is to rush on a chair near the shelves, push one or two on the floor, then dash to the other end of the appartment).

I also wanted to show you our new chest of drawers, in which my sewing fabrics can finally ALL be neatly stored away. There's even a drawer or two left for future stash However, I didn't mean to show you so much the dresser as its top...

This dresser was also that perfect spot which I'd been looking for to display the gorgeous embroidered gifts that some friends sent me. I'm sure you can recognized some of them?

Besides gifts from Becky, Sylvie, Jo and Doris, the delicate blue doily is a gift from Shashi. It is all the more precious as she brought it all the way back from her native India... I am overwhelmed at the thought that she actually thought of me and chose something for my birthday while she was staying there last month. There were also two smaller round doilies, which are displayed in the other room (this is the bedroom).
Shashi's doily inspired me the little white doily next to it (very modest, I confess, when compared to the model!). This is my first contribution to the Virades de l'Espoir, which are to take place in September to support children with mucovicidosis, and during which a charity bazaar is to be held. I plan to create an average of one item a week until July at least (I can't plan ahead of July as I'm not sure what I'll be doing then).

(The thuja box is my coup de coeur from Morocco... It is originally a jewelry box, but I'll be using it for stitched items as well! I'll show it to you when it becomes fuller...)
I also received a big surprise box from Bernadette, whom I met during the Katrina Kits operation last Autumn. We've stayed in touch through emails since then. Bernadette keeps knitting and sewing for charity... She is a constant inspiration. Her generosity touches not only newborns and hospitals, but friends too... Just look at this.

Lots of sewing material... including a lovely blue jersey fabric (this is incredibly expensive in Paris), AND the pattern to make it into a t-shirt! Lots of lovely, thoughtful gifts... I plan to use the golden thread to make lace Christmas ornaments on my e-maching - which could be a good idea for the Virades bazaar as well!

I hope you are all having a lovely week. Thank you for all your comments regarding the baby bunting! Barbara, I am waiting to hear back from the organizing lady to see if I can share the instructions with you, as she designed the bunting... I don't want to infringe copyrights