Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Thanks friends... and woolen coat

Hi everyone!
First, thank you for your comments and support concerning my last post. Wow friends, it would be so much harder without you! Thank you... I wish I could give a hug to each and everyone of you. Your response to my dilemma and frustration at not being able to stitch gifts for Christmas this year have been an incredible heart lifter. You've really helped me feel better. Thank you!!
I'll be using that Christmas gifties list for 2007, and sending out gifties as birthdays or occasions - or inspiration! RAKs are so nice - allow.

While we're on the subject of gifties, I want to salute Anne's brilliant suggestion of creating a database with everyone's tastes etc... What a great idea for those just-because and birthday gifts :) and what a great way not to miss any birthday! I hope many of us will be filling in that questionnaire :)
For those of you who read this blog but don't know Anne yet, do pay her a visit, she's a fantastic stitcher - but above all a wonderful lady with a big heart :)

Here are finally pictures of my woolen coat. I'm not sure whether there is a specific term for that kind of fabric in English... (help?) In French, this is called laine bouillie - literally, "boiled wool". Here, the wool is embroidered as well (which is why I loved it so much).

We haven't had the time to take new pictures in daylight, so those pictures are those taken by night in our flat 3 weeks ago... I'm sorry they're not ideal, but I figured that was better than nothing ;)

The picture most faithful to the coat's true colours is the last one, which is why I put it (notwithstanding the ghoulish face )

The pattern was New Look 6632:

This is a truly special coat to me, as my elder sister contributed to paying the wool... We bought it together while purchasing some fabric for Robin's blankies etc.
I really love that coat - its colour, its couture style - and the sisterly story behind it!

I couldn't help showing you this picture of Robin in a couple of Auntie things.
My sister sent it to me this morning.

Isn't he gorgeous!!
My sister told me she and her husband insist on using at least one thing I made for Robin every day (apart from the three blankies, I mean - those are being used all the time!). Really, what better thank you could I get?

I promise a stitchy update very soon - I finally took pictures!


Lisa said...

I think the term may be "boiled wool" here, actually. I haven't heard it in ages, though. It's a lovely coat and the sisterly story is such a nice accompaniment.

Robin is a beautiful baby. He reminds me of my baby boys..who were, of course, perfect in every way. :)

I hope you get an extended vacation time soon and I hope that you can just sew to your heart's content.

The way you still take time to fill us in on your life and your projects is such a wonderful thing. Consider that your gift to anyone you might have sent stitchery things. :) I assure you, we all feel it is a gift just to know you.

Barbara said...

Robin is going to grow up knowing that his Auntie loves him very much!

Your coat is fabulous! :)

Cathy said...

Robin is so adorable, I just want to eat him up!

Carol said...

So glad you are feeling better! I love the coat! Thanks for the sweet email today :-)

shashi said...

Dear Isabelle,
The coat the colour and the style are all beautiful and so chic. You stitch so beautifully.
Robin is such a darling baby and he is so lucky to have an aunt like you.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful coat! I love that you and your sister created it together!

Robin is absolutely adorable!

Nicki said...

I'm glad things are better Isabelle :) We all seem stressed about Christmas gifts this year :)

Your coat is gorgeous! I love the colour and style and embroidery. I think the English term is just 'boiled wool' too. Nice shoes as well! :)

Robin looks very comfy in his special clanket and clothes.


Nicki said...

I meant blanket of course - I really should check my posts! x

Carina said...

What a gorgeous coat, Isabelle! You are truly a talented seamstress!!!

Stitch or no stitch said...

Love your coat Isabelle. Looks great on you and how incredibly sweet of your sister to contribute to it.
What an absolutely perfect idea to daily use at least one thing auntie has made for Robin. He's a darling!!!
Hope you're having a good week.:)

Zoanna said...

I'm gonna say this word I love: I'm GOBSMACKED by your handiwork. And God's too, of course. Look at that little sleeping masterpiece! I can't get over his pure beauty. If I had to choose betwee snuggling up in your coat and snuggling up in his blankie with him, well, I'm sorry I'd have to choose the lesser of the two sizes. Although, Isabelle, by the time this boy has his sixth birthday, I am sure he'll be bigger than you!

Anonymous said...

Very beautiful coat Isabelle. And of course, Robin is very handsome. Thanks for sharing all this. Ann.

Linda said...

Beautiful coat! Love the fabric as well. Looks really nice on you!

Michelle said...

Gorgeous coat! I love the color and the whole style of it. Very couture! Glad you are feeling better about your gifting and have come up with a plan that relieves the stress a little! Big hugs!

Tanya said...

That coat is gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!! Precious baby pic too of course :)

stitcherw said...

Your coat is beautiful, it looks so nice and will be such fun to wear. Robin is adorable too, it is so nice that you've been able to make him lovely presents to use.

Maggie Ann said...

Loved seeing your coat..the color looks so pretty and your nephew is adorable!

Anonymous said...

The coat it lovely, Isabelle! No wonder you're so happy with it!=)

How lucky you are to have such a close and loving family.



lena-lou said...

What a lovely coat you have made and it really does suit you...very stylish! Yes, I do agree little Robin is gorgeous,
I hope you have a nice weekend :-)

Jenna said...

That coat is FANTASTIC, Isabelle! You did a wonderful job and it suits you quite nicely. And you look gorgeous, not ghoulish. You silly girl; your looks are simply stunning!

AnneS said...

Oooh, Auntie Isabelle, I adore the latest photo of wee Robin and his gifts - what a beauty! :) And your coat is absolutely divine - you look stunning in it! :D And last, but not least, thanks so much for your very kind words ... I hope this RAK idea takes off and it's really useful for people :) {{hugs}} Now I'm off to brew myself a plunger of fresh coffee, to be drunk while eating another piece of your scrummy chocolate ;) xx