Tuesday, January 17, 2006

The Jenna Purse - pattern & explanations

Hi friends!

Here's the pattern I drafted for Jenna's purse, with the cutting instructions:

Click to get the pattern. I am not 100% sure it'll come out in real size on your monitors. Please make a test printout and make sure you're happy with the size before cutting your fabric!

Also, don't forget to add seam allowances

Instructions to attach a stitched piece to the front:

You'll have to do so after you've cut out your fabric and before you start assembling the bag.
This is simply appliqué with a satin stitch.
- Cut your stitched piece to the desired size (no seam allowances needed).
- Since I had a hardanger piece, I first lined it with white cotton, so that the cutwork would come out. I then pinned it onto one of the two outer pieces, sewed it into place with a straight stitch.
- I then used machine embroidery thread to do the satin stitch (which is a wide and very short zigzag stitch: you set the stitch width to a large number (that number changes according to your machine; on my Brother, I think it was 5) and set the lentgh of the stitch to the smallest possible (0.1 mm in my case). Depending on the fabric, it is not always easy to achieve a neat result with such a short stitch. In that case, make the stitch a bit longer, and go over the edges twice.

Instructions for making the bag:

I chose to interface the outer pieces, to give the purse more body.
- Once your outer layer and lining are cut (in my case, from the same fabric), you basically make up two similar "bags", joining their sides and bottoms, and boxing bottoms' corners for each "bag". (I learned how to box corners here, when I first made a bag. They call it "mitered bottom corners". Scroll down the end of the page to see a diagram and explanations)
- Turn one of the bags inside out and insert it into the other, so that their right sides are together. Be careful to line up the side seams (pin the layers together at the seams).
- Then make a strap (or take cording, or ribbon, or whatever takes your fancy!).
Position it between both layers, upside down: the end must line up with the bag's raw edges, and the rest of the handle must be inside the bag.
I chose to position the straps on the side seams.
- Then sew the two layers together, catching the strap into the seam. Leave an opening.
- Turn the bag inside out, sew the opening closed. Press.

Et voilà !


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the tutorial Isabelle! Ann.

Ali B said...

What a splendid tutorial - very clear and precise. Thanks Isabelle! I must say I have been rather too "scared" in the past to consider hardanger. It is something that my fave designer Jane Greenoff often uses in her band samplers. I think it takes a bit of "avoir du courage" to get started :-) Me-thinks I will give it a try now that I have your guidance. Nice one - and so glad to have you back on-line again, having been banished into cyberspace of non-connectivity hey hey!! Lots of love A xx (ps stay cool with all your work - you'll survive)

Kim said...

That is a lovely purse! Great design and easy enough to complete. :) Your hardanger looks so pretty and you are right the colors go perfectly with your hand work. Great job!

Barbara said...

You should have my job. I'm a technical writer, and write instructions all day long. You're gifted - you explain things so clearly!!

Carol said...

Nice purse for Jenna :-) Woo Hoo!

Bastet said...

The purse is wonderful, you did a great job. And huray for a nice start to hardanger.

Dawn said...

Thank you for the instuctions!! Usually, I am more of a hands on person but your tutorial are wonderful.

Lili said...

This is a great tutorial for a great achievement! You really make me feel like trying to sew! This is a very beautiful hardanger work, I think I should give it a try too...
Lots of hugs!

Tobie said...

Hi Isabelle, I'm so glad you visited my blog and left a lovely comment-and now I've found your delightful blog! Thanks for sharing directions for the Jenna purse, they are great! (Lucky Jenna!)

Charlene said...

Thanks Isabelle for the wonderful tutorial. Will try it out soon.

~Harsha~ said...

ih Isabelle.. thats simply beautiful! you did a wonderful job with it, I'm sure Jenna is over the moon.

Zoanna said...

Isabelle, it's beautiful. I don't know which you do better, sew or write. It amazes me how well you explain things in your SECOND language. What you do best of all is be a friend!