Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Wallhanging Tutorial

Hi friends!

Here are - at last - the step-by-step pictures for the tutorial to make my wallhangings. I came up with this method by myself, so please, if need may be, give credit where it is due and respect copyrights (sorry, I've had problems before so that's why I insist!).

I believe the pictures are pretty much self-explanatory. Each picture is clickable to a larger one, whose title depicts the step. So, if you read carefully each title, you should be OK!

Materials needed:
- a stitched piece (or a quilt block!); don't forget to add seam allowances before trimming it to desired size!! (my seam allowances are 1 cm, i.e width of my presser foot)
- 4 strips (2 of the same length as the width of the stitched piece; the other two of that length + width of the first 2 strips: see first 2 pictures). Here again, don't forget to add seam allowances, or your strips will end up narrower than wanted!)
- backing fabric
- batting for the middle layer. I never put cardboard, because I want my quilts to be washable (and they wouldn't actually be quilts if they had cardboard within them!). Besides I like my mini-quilts to be soft... To me those have to be soft, sweet little gifties.

And there you go!

Do you need more explanations? Right now I don't have the time to do so, but if you need more help, please tell me and I'll try and explain as soon as I can!

Happy Sewing!