Tuesday, October 25, 2005

A lovely surprise from Holland!

... Or should I say, several lovely surprises? My friend Anneke from Holland sent me totally unexpected gifts! Look what I found in my mailbox yesterday, after a long day...

You really have to click on the picture to see how beautifully both ornaments are stitched!

The Britty Kitty is my favourite design in the 2005 JCS Ornament issue. Now I won't need to stitch it for us! It is so cute!
The other piece is a Prairie Schooler design. Anneke's over one stitching is so neat! That ornament is so dainty and delicate in real life. Anneke backed it with the same Xmas fabric as the kitty.
Although it isn't Christmas yet, I want to display them straight away!

Anneke also sent me a card that really speaks to me: a cat sitting on books! Anneke knows me well doesn't she!

Thank you Anneke, I didn't expect this at all and it has warmed my heart so! Today I'm still all cheerful and happy thanks to your gifts and kindness! I remember reading on your blog that you were stitching something for a friend, but I was miles away from imagining it was for me!
I decided a while ago that Seb and I would have a few stitched ornaments for Christmas, and your gifts will really contribute to our having a lovely little tree this year.
The more I think of it the more touched I am... You told me you'd been careful not to stitch the ornaments for which I had ordered Silkweaver's cuts... When I think of all the thoughtfulness and care and kindness that went into your choice and your stitching, it makes me all warm and fuzzy inside.


Talking of ornaments, I finished stitching my Exchange ornie this weekend! But as you know I can't share pics... I also stitched a first ornament for Seb and I a couple of weeks ago, but - gasp - haven't taken a picture yet! It is "Santa's Trimmings" by Mosey 'N Me (from the JCS 2004 Ornament issue).


Thank you all for your comments on the two wallhangings! Wow you're so kind!
Next time I make such a wallhanging, I'll take pictures to show you how to make one.

And to answer Ann's question: interfacing = entoilage in French. To be more specific, it is fusible (thermocollant) and you use it to add some body to a fabric. It comes in different weights. For wallhangings I use a medium weight. In garment-making, most of the time, you need a lighter interfacing. It is useful to add body to armholes, necklines, etc. (I cut out a dress yesterday and will fuse some to the neckline and armholes)