Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Links to websites teaching doll/toy making

Cathy is currently making a doll for her daughter Eve's firth birthday. She asked me for a little bit of advice and I sent her my list of bookmarked sites on doll making. This list is by no means exhaustive - especially since I bookmarked those sites a year and a half ago. I had to delete some that no longer existed, and I am sure that many sites have been created on doll making since then.

Anyway, since I ordered and edited those links, I thought some of you may be interested. San for instance seems to be itching to make a doll when she goes back from holiday.

- A Craft At Home Free Project ~ Doily Angel
- Angela Cloth Doll Pattern
- Bear Pattern
- Cely ~ Doll-Making Workbook
- Cely ~ Wefting Doll Hair (add hair to a doll professionally)
- Cloth Doll Connection - Free Cloth Doll Patterns and Tips
- Confection de jouets souples (French site to make soft toys)
- Crafty College ~ Online Craft Classes - Many Free
- Do It Yourself ~ Dolls
- Doily Doll
- Doll Hat Pattern
- Dollnet Camups ~ Hat Making Class
- Jennifer's Crafts & Things - formerly
- Jim's Dollhouse Pages
- Newsletter - Patterns and More
- Pincushion doll - pattern and instructions - cute!
- Rag Doll Pattern
- Runo Dollmaker PLENTY of dolls with full instructions
- Runo - how to make a Mini doll
- Sewing a doll's dress without a pattern
- Stuffed cat pattern
- Web of Angels ~ Doll Angel - Free Pattern

Hope a few of you get some inspiration from those websites!

Bottle Apron Patterns

I finally managed to create the bottle apron patterns with the Gimp software so you could have "clean" patterns. Click on the pictures to get and print the patterns in real size.

Handsoap Bottle Apron:

Cut one.

Dish Soap Bottle Apron:

Cut two and join at the shoulders.

You will have to thread a ribbon through the eight buttonholes to tie the apron to the bottle.

The patterns don't have seam allowances since I simply finished the edges with a satin stitch. You will need to add a seam allowance for a rolled hem; if you plan to sew bias tape to the edges, a seam allowance won't be necessary.
For the dish soap apron, it is imperative to add a seam allowance to the shoulders so you can join them.

Just to remind you of how they look:

As you can see, I made another one since last time... I wanted to couple the bee dish soap apron with a little bee handsoap apron... as this was a gift to dear Becky, who is so fond of bees!

I hope some of you will give it a go! It is so quick and cute. If you do try the pattern out, please let me know! I'd be delighted to know whether they were useful.

Friday, August 26, 2005

For Ann: sewing by hand

Ann asked whether she could sew the kimono by hand.
Of course you can do it by hand Ann, especially as it's so small!
When I started sewing (making dolls) in January 2004, I didn't have a machine. I've only had a sewing machine for one year! I received it in August 2004.

(You can see some of my hand-sewn dolls and teddies here. Other things that I sewed entirely by hand are shown here.)

Kimonos (and clothes for that matter!) have existed for thousands of years... but the sewing machine is only 150 years old!
(That being said... I couldn't do without it now I have one!)

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Kimono Pattern

Several of you asked about the pattern for the kimono... It was a purchased pattern and I'd be violating copyright if I shared it with you.
Don't cry though! I didn't want to cause disappointment, so I just did a little websearch to find you a similar pattern online. The main difference is that the edges aren't bound like on mine, but you can very easily add that.

This is very well explained, with step by step pictures - I wish I'd found that for myself before I made mine! LOL!
Shashi, I am sure you know that website already! I used it a lot when I learned doll-making a year and a half ago (that is how I came to sewing). I remember making her Mini Doll as one of my first dolls. It turned out cute! I didn't have a digital camera at the time but the doll is at my parents' - must remember to take a picture when I go visite them this week-end!

Now Shashi asked about buying the pattern. There is no way I would make you pay! Really! I am very willing to send you the pattern but the instructions are in French: is that a problem?

I am preparing the patterns for the bottle aprons - will post that shortly.