Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Kimono Pattern

Several of you asked about the pattern for the kimono... It was a purchased pattern and I'd be violating copyright if I shared it with you.
Don't cry though! I didn't want to cause disappointment, so I just did a little websearch to find you a similar pattern online. The main difference is that the edges aren't bound like on mine, but you can very easily add that.

This is very well explained, with step by step pictures - I wish I'd found that for myself before I made mine! LOL!
Shashi, I am sure you know that website already! I used it a lot when I learned doll-making a year and a half ago (that is how I came to sewing). I remember making her Mini Doll as one of my first dolls. It turned out cute! I didn't have a digital camera at the time but the doll is at my parents' - must remember to take a picture when I go visite them this week-end!

Now Shashi asked about buying the pattern. There is no way I would make you pay! Really! I am very willing to send you the pattern but the instructions are in French: is that a problem?

I am preparing the patterns for the bottle aprons - will post that shortly.


Anonymous said...

I totally understand about the copyright issue, but then what a nice surprise! Thank you Isabelle for having searched for that website. I paid it a visit already ;-) Ann.

AngelSan said... I know what I'll do when I go back home... Dolls ! That's a great website.

shashi said...

Isabelle thank you for pointing out the website. I did know about that website but never got round to exploring it fully.
You smallest projects are just too cute.

Gina E. said...

Hi Isabelle, thanks from me too, for the link to the pattern for the kimono. I have saved it to my Favorites; time will tell if I ever get around to making it though! Nice to see you popping into Patra's Place - I am always pleased to read your comments.