Friday, August 26, 2005

For Ann: sewing by hand

Ann asked whether she could sew the kimono by hand.
Of course you can do it by hand Ann, especially as it's so small!
When I started sewing (making dolls) in January 2004, I didn't have a machine. I've only had a sewing machine for one year! I received it in August 2004.

(You can see some of my hand-sewn dolls and teddies here. Other things that I sewed entirely by hand are shown here.)

Kimonos (and clothes for that matter!) have existed for thousands of years... but the sewing machine is only 150 years old!
(That being said... I couldn't do without it now I have one!)


Kim said...

You know, I never really thought about how old the sewing machine was, but find it amazing that before that people made everything by hand. I just can't imagine having time to do it. Interesting how the world has changed. :)

Lelia said...

I would love to get a sewing machine ... some day. Seems the family is always needing SOMETHING.

Love your pics!

Bea said...

Hi Isabelle!!!
I knew you went to Ireland too and I saw your pictures when I was near Dublin. I came back yesterday!!! I really enjoyed myself.
Compliments for your little kimono, it's really nice!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Isabelle :-) And congratulations for all the great things that you create. Enjoy your evening with San. Ann.

Carol said...

Sure, Esmeralda is yours as soon as it arrives here :-)

Cathy said...

I started sewing Eve's doll yesterday and I was wishing you were here to give me some tips! I was having real trouble sewing the curve of the doll's head, and I'm afraid it's come out a bit lumpy. Luckily, when the doll is finished, it will be wearing a hat. No one will ever know! :)

Rósa said...

Thank you very much for commenting on my blog :-)

I also enjoy looking at other people's projects and I must say you are a very versatile crafter :-) I could never do some of the things you do. For example I'm not very good with the sewing machine but I do have one that is mostly used to make curtains :-D

I think it's great to be able to share my WIP's and small triumphs and get other people's comments on what I'm doing. It's always nice to get compliments and other peoples ideas and suggestions.

I'm glad your boyfriend liked my country, being a small nation we are proud of our island so hearing others enjoyed visiting is always an ego boost ;-)

This wasn't suposed to be such a long comment but I guess I had a lot to say :-D

~Harsha~ said...

Isabel.. all I can say is that you're a very talented girl! How I wish i can sew like you :)

shashi said...

Isabelle don't be ashamed of not doing faces on your dolls. Not everyone likes to paint the faces. If you are not comfortable with painting you can embroider the face. You are brilliant with your needle so why don't you try embroidering the face. It is not necessary to have painted faces on dolls at all.