Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Bottle Apron Patterns

I finally managed to create the bottle apron patterns with the Gimp software so you could have "clean" patterns. Click on the pictures to get and print the patterns in real size.

Handsoap Bottle Apron:

Cut one.

Dish Soap Bottle Apron:

Cut two and join at the shoulders.

You will have to thread a ribbon through the eight buttonholes to tie the apron to the bottle.

The patterns don't have seam allowances since I simply finished the edges with a satin stitch. You will need to add a seam allowance for a rolled hem; if you plan to sew bias tape to the edges, a seam allowance won't be necessary.
For the dish soap apron, it is imperative to add a seam allowance to the shoulders so you can join them.

Just to remind you of how they look:

As you can see, I made another one since last time... I wanted to couple the bee dish soap apron with a little bee handsoap apron... as this was a gift to dear Becky, who is so fond of bees!

I hope some of you will give it a go! It is so quick and cute. If you do try the pattern out, please let me know! I'd be delighted to know whether they were useful.


Christine Doyle said...

Thank you for the pattern, Isabelle! Is the gift Becky is raving about! A-ha! They are lovely.

Barbara said...

I saw these in Becky's blog. Thanks for the pattern instruction!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful gifts! Ann.

Susan said...

Super cute!