Saturday, July 02, 2005

About the lace bowls

I got a few questions on my lace bowls. The panels and bottom are made using an embroidery machine (and yes it does take a lot of time). You're supposed to stitch them onto some water-soluble stabilizer (you dissolve it in water when the bowl is finished, and the threads hold by themselves like real lace), but that stabilizer is expensive. So I use some organza instead (which I cut out from an old curtain): it is sheer and hardly sees, and the other advantage to that is that organza is stiff, so the bowl holds better when stitched onto it.

Once the panels and bottom are made up, I sew them together using a zigzag stitch and some invisible thread for the top thread (white thread in the bobbin), so the stitching doesn't show at all. It's a bit tricky since it's 3-dimensional, but you quickly get the hang of it.

If you don't have an e-machine, you can still make fabric bowls, which can be just as lovely if you choose a pretty fabric. They're on my to-do list and I plan to do some very, very soon.
If you need some instruction on how to make fabric bowls, the reference book (the one through which the craze with fabric bowls all began in the US) is Fast, Fun and Easy Fabric Bowls by Linda Johansen.
I also found a couple of instruction for simple, four-panel bowls online: here,
and there.

That being said, it's really easy to create your own template, as this lady explains.

Still unsure whether you want to make some? Watch this space, I really plan to make one within the next couple of weeks. This way you'll see what it really looks like!
What I love about fabric bowls is that they can be so varied depending on the fabric you choose.

As for Zohrah's question : what are they for? Well, anything and everything. Very handy, especially if you have a limited space - that's a great way to keep a room tidy. The bowl I showed you yesterday now holds the jewelry I wear most usually. Another bowl I also finished joining yesterday, which is bigger but in the same blues, holds my hair things (hair clips, bows...). You can also put some candy in it, small toiletries, cotton balls... And with the fabric bowls, which are easily washable, you can even put bread, or little cakes, or biscuits, or even some fruit. I plan to make a set with a fabric bowl and placemats...
Oh, and you can put your sewing notions in it! Or for all of you who stitch... it might be handy to store the skeins you're using for your current project in such a bowl. The possibilities are endless - the only limit is your imagination!

Really need to rush now - lil' sis' will be there from Northern France in an hour, and I still have some cleaning to do!

Have the best of week-ends everyone!

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Zohrah said...

Thank you Isabelle for such detailed explaination. Now I know what it is used for. Previously I thought only for bowl. ;-) soup bowl or flower vase base.