Sunday, November 28, 2004

How to make a Poncho (3): Adding a Hood!

Hello everyone!
Well at long last I managed to dig into my "sewing folder" and to photograph my hood pattern for you!
I know some of you have been asking and waiting for this for quite a while... But lately there was absolutely no time for me to do that...

OK, I must confess I'm quite proud I managed to "digitize" my pattern with paint from a photograph that was necesary blurry (my pattern was pencilled onto sulfurize paper)... Then, thanks to Sébastien's help I could even get the lines stand out on plain white. So you can thank him for the clearness of the pattern!

So here's my little "bilingual" pattern:

(click on pic to see it bigger)

Unfortunately there was no way I could put it to scale, as I didn't scan it (don't have a scanner) but took a digital photo. Well, the size will all depend on your taste and on your neck opening anyway! So I suggest you enlarge the pattern to your liking and print it out (this will require several sheets of paper) twice, then tape the sheets together and try it out.

Please do make sure the size of the hood will be to your liking... make sure the sides will meet on the front of your poncho if you don't want a gap between them. Mine has a gap on the front middle but not everyone may like it...

Here are the sewing instructions for all the sewing newbies out there (well I can tell you I am a newbie!):
- Cut two hood pieces, adding a 1,5 cm seam allowance all around.
- Layer the two pieces, right sides together, and baste the middle seam. Stitch the middle seam.
- Press down seam allowances to one side; cut the seam allowance that is under the other (but don't cut the other seam allowance!) down to 5 mm. Fold over the other side allowance, 1 cm from the seam, baste and stitch very close to fold. This will give ou a very nice finish on the outside of your hood.
- Hem the sides of your hood (not the bottom). I did a rolled hem for a neat finish
- Mark the back middle of your poncho opening.
- Baste the hood onto the poncho opening, right sides together, making sure the seam line on the middle of your hood matches the mark on the back middle of the poncho. The hood should be over the poncho, bottom up. Baste carefully all around the opening. Don't forget the 1,5 cm seam allowance!
- Sew hood and poncho together.
- Press down both seams . Overcast the seam allowances together.
- If you opted for a gap at the front middle (which is what I did), turn the seam allowance under and topstitch.

Well that's it! Here you are with a poncho that has this special, comfy something that no ready-made poncho has!

I do hope this how-to is clear enough. Please don't hesitate to comment on this and to ask questions if necessary... I would love hearing some feedback, good or bad it shall be very much appreciated...

Happy Sewing! Just think what a nice present this could make for those end-of-year celebrations...


Anonymous said...

thank you!

mandarine said...

Bonsoir, je viens de finir le poncho avec sa capuche, en polaire double épaisseur (noir dehors/beige dedans) tout en couture anglaise.
Comme j'avais fait le trou pour la tête un peu plus large que 15cm de diamètre et que je voulais que les deux côtés de la capuche se rejoignent devant, j'ai dû augmenter les cotes de la capuche de 10% pour que ça colle au niveau du tour de cou. Moyennant quoi, la capuche est très ample - ça me va, mais ça fait un peu empereur palpatine.
J'ai envie d'essayer à nouveau avec une capuche plus ajustée, pour faire juste un petit capuchon/chaperon qui couvre simplement les épaules.
En tout cas, merci pour les articles - tutoriel simple et complet.
Je peux envoyer des photos.
Mandarine (de l'Aveyron)